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Young Professionals Link and Learn Breakfast - Amsterdam

, Amsterdam

INREV is delighted to invite young professionals to register for the next INREV Link and Learn event in Amsterdam, hosted by Deloitte. INREV Link and Learn is a local business network/ forum specifically designed for INREV members under the age of 35 to discuss hot topics and practical subjects relevant to the non-listed real estate industry.

Talented young professionals around the world are starting up companies, disrupting whole industries, working on AI and running some of our biggest multinationals.

Magazines like Forbes, Fortune, Inc., and Money regularly feature stories about these young leaders with snappy titles like ‘30 under 30’ or ‘40 under 40’. Most talented young professionals, however, are still trying to figure it all out.

During this INREV Young Professionals Link and Learn event Serena Althaus, Head of Europe at Ferguson Partners, will give a training on how to build your career in real estate. She will touch upon topics including: Identifying careers that suit your personality; How to build a Specialism; and Networking, Role Models and Mentors.


INREV will limit the number of places to two seats per company to ensure representation from as many companies as possible at the event. Any additional employees who are interested in attending the training, are encouraged to register and will be placed on the waiting list.



Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Deloitte Amsterdam
  • Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970
  • 1081 LA


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08:30 Registration & Coffee
09:00 Welcome by INREV
09:15 Training by Serena Althaus, Head of Europe at Ferguson Partners
10:30 Network coffee
11:00 End


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