The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) is an EU initiative that aims to harmonise rules for the management and marketing of alternative investment funds. INREV supports the directive’s principles and objectives in general, and has engaged with the European Securities Markets Authority in developing its advice to the European Commission on the matter. 


AIFMD Reference Guide 2015  

Published on 03 Nov 2015

These quick reference guides on AIFMD include an overview of the regulatory framework, lists EC and ESMA publications and provides links to all relevant documents on the subject. This version (Oct 2015) includes information on passporting and third country access.

AIFMD Manager Guidance Briefing  

Published on 24 Sep 2015

Michael Hornsby discusses AIFMD Manager Guidance.

This briefing does not have a presentation.

AIFMD Fund Manager Guidance  

Published on 15 Jul 2015

This report provides a practical guide for managers who fall under the EU regulation.

The report, which is presented by the AIFMD Focus Group, explains key functions based upon the specific governance requirements of the AIFMD and the more principle-based governance best practices of INREV.

It also includes platform examples and a model for the cyclical process of risk management.

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