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INREV launches new Global IRR Index with ANREV and NCREIF Read more

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Increasing Impact in Real Estate

As real estate fund managers have become increasingly keen to provide suitable products to meet institutional investors’ demand for real estate impact investments, INREV’s ESG committee has taken steps to provide more clarity and consistency in this important area. Read more

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On the money

The money-weighted internal rate of return is the single most important metric for those investing in closed end real estate vehicles, particularly funds with a value added or opportunity strategy.  The advent of the new ANREV/ INREV/ NCREIF Global IRR Index, published in a consultation release this April, is therefore exciting news.   Read more


Building tomorrow's industry, today

At the end of last year, INREV rounded off the century and its major event calendar with the INREV Autumn Conference which took place in Rome over two days between 20 and 21 November, welcoming 190 of the industry’s mid- to senior level players.  Read more

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The next generation

Non-Listed real estate is still relatively new in comparison with other more established asset classes, but this does not exempt it from the effects of globalisation, digitalisation and the rapidly evolving nature of how we operate. Read more

Market Information

Embarking on a new index odyssey

The new INREV ODCE Consultation Index was launched at the Annual Conference in April. The index’s name, which is usually pronounced ‘odyssey,’ is shorthand for open end, diversified, core and equity. Read more