Creating climate risk metrics for real estate markets

Getting ready for net zero carbon Read more

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Young Professionals

The next generation

Non-Listed real estate is still relatively new in comparison with other more established asset classes, but this does not exempt it from the effects of globalisation, digitalisation and the rapidly evolving nature of how we operate. Read more

Market Information

Embarking on a new index odyssey

The new INREV ODCE Consultation Index was launched at the Annual Conference in April. The index’s name, which is usually pronounced ‘odyssey,’ is shorthand for open end, diversified, core and equity. Read more

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Lessons from around the world

During the INREV Annual Conference earlier this year we interviewed Bob Faith, CEO of Greystar but for those who missed it, IQ recently caught up with him about the growing interest among investors in student housing across Europe. Read more

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Keeping faith in real estate

After years of strong performance, investors around Europe are bound to ask if real estate can continue to justify its level of allocation in their portfolios. Read more


Bridging the fee transparency gap

Since 2015, global partners INREV, ANREV, PREA and NCREIF have been collaboratively striving to develop a set of global fee and expense metrics, and soon we’re set to mark the advent of a milestone when the Total Global Expense Ratio (TGER) will be available for implementation by the global non-listed real estate industry. Read more