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Public affairs

Letter from Brussels and London

In the wake of Brexit, UK policy makers have been reviewing EU rules on their books with a view toward making the UK a more attractive fund and investment manager domicile. As a result, in the past year we have seen a number of policy initiatives coming from the UK as they review and update their regulatory approach to the financial sector, including the real estate sector.  Read more

Public affairs

The right time for a harmonised EU-UK fund vehicle

The tax world as we know it is going through (yet) another life cycle change Read more


INREV Website Redesign

INREV instigated the website redesign in response to members’ feedback, particularly the membership survey undertaken in 2020 and member user testing completed in 2021. A huge thanks to all the twenty members who participated in the card sorting activities and the one-to-one interviews helping us to work out what was intuitive and how and where we could improve the user experience.   Read more

Public affairs

Letter from Brussels

Although policy makers in Brussels are currently busy with high profile legislative proposals on AIFMD, the use of shell entities for tax purposes and the European Long-Term Investment Fund, ELTIF, they’re also busy with another issue that you might think had been forgotten - Solvency II. Read more

Public affairs

Letter from Brussels

Over most of the past two years, the Public Affairs and Tax Committees and the Brussels-based Public Affairs team have been kept busy with a stream, or sometimes more accurately a torrent, of regulatory and tax consultations. These consultations are a required step in the process of developing new regulations and tax measures and are designed to get public input into policy proposals before they’re adopted in final form.  Read more


Committee Focus

Throughout the pandemic, INREV’s Public Affairs Committee continued to work to promote the interests of the non-listed real estate industry with regulators in London and Brussels and to share their insights with members.  Read more


Future-proofing the INREV Guidelines

The INREV Guidelines sit at the core of the Professional Standards programme. The last major revision was carried out between 2012–2014. Over time, several adjustments or expansions were performed, driven by:  Read more

Staff profile

Staff Profile

IQ recently caught up with Claudia Kapp, Director of Member Relations – our well-known contact person for all of our 460 member organisations. Claudia is responsible for the membership application process, ensuring that potential members are well informed of the benefits to being part of the INREV community. And, once membership is confirmed, Claudia remains the point of contact. Read more

Public affairs

Real estate investment’s role in the recovery

As we reported in the last IQ, the COVID-19 crisis has prompted an unprecedented number of regulatory and policy consultations. Faced with the new challenges brought by the pendemic, including the stresses to the financial sector, policy makers have been closely monitoring how current regulations achieve their goals. Read more

Public affairs

Letter from Brussels

We definitely live in interesting times but, as the ancient Chinese saying suggests, we could actually be cursed.  Read more