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Future-proofing the INREV Guidelines

The INREV Guidelines sit at the core of the Professional Standards programme. The last major revision was carried out between 2012–2014. Over time, several adjustments or expansions were performed, driven by:  Read more

Staff profile

Staff Profile

IQ recently caught up with Claudia Kapp, Director of Member Relations – our well-known contact person for all of our 460 member organisations. Claudia is responsible for the membership application process, ensuring that potential members are well informed of the benefits to being part of the INREV community. And, once membership is confirmed, Claudia remains the point of contact. Read more

Public affairs

Real estate investment’s role in the recovery

As we reported in the last IQ, the COVID-19 crisis has prompted an unprecedented number of regulatory and policy consultations. Faced with the new challenges brought by the pendemic, including the stresses to the financial sector, policy makers have been closely monitoring how current regulations achieve their goals. Read more

Public affairs

Letter from Brussels

We definitely live in interesting times but, as the ancient Chinese saying suggests, we could actually be cursed.  Read more

Young Professionals

The Evolution of the INREV Guidelines

Non-listed is still relatively young, joining the real estate landscape alongside direct and listed just over 20 years ago. Read more

Member profile

Member Profile: Keith O'Donnell

IQ spoke recently to Keith O’Donnell about his work as a Luxembourg-based tax adviser and the recent achievements of the INREV Tax Committee, which he has chaired over the past four years.  15 years ago, he founded the tax advisory firm ATOZ in Luxembourg, where he is now Managing Partner and was one of the founders of Tax and, the leading international tax network. Read more

Public affairs

Market Focus: UK

UK real estate investment industry faces impact of regulatory changes Read more


Welcome - December 2020

Welcome to the final edition of the INREV IQ magazine for 2020.  This year will be one that most of us remember for a long time, though probably without too much affection. From INREV’s viewpoint, the coronavirus pandemic has presented many challenges to our organisation and the non-listed real estate industry, both in its impact on economies and markets and the way we have all had to work. Read more


Tax conduct code proposed as new INREV Guidelines module

In recent years, investors and fund managers have increasingly focused on how tax structuring of investment vehicles fits within their social and corporate responsibilities. Many have adopted internal codes of tax conduct to guide how they make choices in this area. Read more

Public affairs

Letter from Brussels

The first phase of responding to the Covid-19 crisis was understandably focused on crafting health and safety measures, while cushioning the European economy as much as possible from the ensuing financial and economic impacts of the virus. In Brussels, the European Parliament and European Commission offices were closed and workers sent home to work, much like the rest of Europe. Read more