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Lessons from around the world

During the INREV Annual Conference earlier this year we interviewed Bob Faith, CEO of Greystar but for those who missed it, IQ recently caught up with him about the growing interest among investors in student housing across Europe. Read more


Bridging the fee transparency gap

Since 2015, global partners INREV, ANREV, PREA and NCREIF have been collaboratively striving to develop a set of global fee and expense metrics, and soon we’re set to mark the advent of a milestone when the Total Global Expense Ratio (TGER) will be available for implementation by the global non-listed real estate industry. Read more

Public affairs

Investing through a new world of tax complexity

With business activity becoming ever more global, tax authorities are increasingly focused on multi-national organisations and the opportunities they can give to optimise corporate tax charges and obligations. Read more

Staff profile

José Monsalve

INREV’s Research and Analytics Analyst, José Monsalve, who joined INREV in October, spoke recently with IQ magazine about his role and some of the projects he’s been working on, and will be working on in the coming year. Read more

Market focus

Coming of age

Italy is one of the largest and wealthiest countries in Europe. It is the third largest economy in the euro zone and the world’s sixth largest manufacturing nation, as well as having the third largest population in the euro zone: 61 million residents. According to Property Fund Research, the total stock of investable real estate in Italy amounts to some €700 billion (1). Read more

Member profile

Tommy Brown

Tommy Brown, a New York Partner at LGT Capital Partners, the global specialist in alternative investing, recently took time out to speak to IQ Magazine about his longstanding involvement with INREV and the continuing globalisation of the non-listed real estate sector. Read more


Tax in the spotlight

It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say that, until just a few years ago, tax considerations for non-listed real estate vehicles were limited to optimising the tax efficiency of the investment structures – in effect, minimising tax leakage. Read more

Young Professionals

A clearer window on non-listed real estate

INREV’s website is one of the main ways our members and the wider investment industry learn about key trends in non-listed real estate and INREV’s role in supporting them. It’s essential to refresh the website regularly and improve its look and flow, so we’ve been working over the past year with member focus groups, staff, consultants and vendors to bring it up to date. Read more


The beauty parade: which European cities will gain the most from Brexit?

It is much too early to predict the consequences of Brexit for London’s economy and employment. Of course, this will largely depend on what type of Brexit (hard, soft, medium...) takes place, and what these broad descriptions mean in detail. Read more

Young Professionals

Get your career off to a great start

Getting on in life – and your career – can often be a question of who you know, but in such a multi-faceted industry as non-listed real estate, arming yourself with knowledge is equally important. Read more