Message from the CEO

Looking forward in preparation for 2015

This time of year sees the INREV team looking forward in preparation for 2015. We’ve been gathering input from members and our Management Board for our 2015 Business Plan to ensure that our views are aligned with the needs of the market.

For 2015, we will have a continued focus on increasing acceptance of the INREV Guidelines as a standard within the global market. The revised INREV Guidelines are not yet a year old – one of our main achievements for 2014 – but already there is evidence of them being integrated in the market here and in Asia.

One important aspect of this is to work closely with our US counterparts to ensure there can be an easy transposition from, and to, the INREV Guidelines to the established Real Estate Information Standards (REIS). For us, this means a new addition in one area which is performance measurement. This will be on the agenda for 2015.

Next year will also mark a new phase in our research programme. As the industry matures, our independent research must reflect that. With Henri Vuong joining the team as Director of Research and Market Information (page 5), we will bring you a more in-depth analytical approach that will meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated market.

The market maturity must also be reflected in our events. While we are a pan-European industry, we see the depth of engagement within national markets increasing. This means that to support those members we should offer more events in local languages. We’ve already started that in 2014 with webinars in German, Italy and French, and we will do more localisation to make our work as accessible as possible to the widest group of market participants.

We think that this will also be a good way to grow our roster of investor members, which is always an important priority. We will work with members to organise small-scale content-led events for prospective investor members to help them understand the benefits of joining INREV.

I would like to thank all our members for the support they have shown INREV in 2014, with a special thanks to our Management Board, committee and working group members. I wish you and your families a wonderful festive period.