Welcome - July 2018

It’s been an insightful first half of the year, as we work on the vision and direction of INREV. We will focus our plans for INREV’s future as a true European organisation within an increasingly global context.

An essential and first stepping stone to create our vision was listening to you the members to find out how effective INREV has been over the last 15 years and how you need us to evolve to be effective for the next 15 years.

INREV is a true European organisation working in an increasingly global context

These valuable insights where collected through interviews with more than 60 members, spanning the full range of types of organisation that INREV represents. The results of these interviews will be made available after the summer and will feed into the vision and direction that we will take as an association.

I want to emphasise how valuable these insights have been and to assure you that listening will be an integral part of our work going forward. As just one example, Claudia Kapp – one of the interviewers – tells this edition of IQ that continually listening to your changing needs is a big part of her new position as Member Relationship Manager.

As a true European organisation working in an increasingly global context we will strengthen our relationships with our global partners, ANREV, NCREIF and PREA not only in the area of global standards and research, but more on data and the connectivity of the different data platforms that are being created by each of the associations, including INREV.

Our ability to continue to build on our Guidelines in a global context will clearly benefit the European non-listed market as the role of global investors continues to grow.

This will be promoted at the North American Conference, which takes place in New York this September. This will be another great chance for those involved with European non-listed real estate on both sides of the Atlantic to learn from each other and take our co-operation forward.