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Rui Mendes

Staff Profile

IQ magazine recently spoke to Rui Mendes, who joined INREV in September in the newly created role of Digital Product Manager.

Rui will have overall responsibility for re- organising the production of all INREV’s digital output, harmonising and connecting functions, in order to make them work more effectively.

‘My role is to be a bridge between the different parts of the organisation and those providing their IT solutions, whether internal or external,’ Rui explains, ‘to bring a consistent, structured approach across the board. The aim is to make INREV more effective at leveraging the substantial data resources it has built up over its 15 year history, partly through the creation of a data warehouse. This should dramatically increase the value that members can obtain from the data, once it is available in a practical, accessible and connected way. I report directly to INREV's Chief Executive, Lonneke Löwik, which reflects the importance that has been attached to the position.'

'A strong focus for me will be to make it easier for members to access the large quantity of indices and vehicle data INREV holds - it is their data, after all. One part of the plan is to shift the current service-oriented approach that INREV has, into a more user centered approach, meaning that the users will have a more personalised experience based on their needs profile. An additional focus will be to simplify and automise the process when users report into INREV's data collection tools.

Given Rui's impressive track record of more than 14 years leading the creation of web-based and mobile products in different countries and industries including finance, government, healthcare and education, we wondered what attracted him to the INREV post. 'I liked the fact that I will be connecting with all parts of the organisation, looking to understand its ambitions and helping realise them from a technical standpoint. Once they get to a certain size and complexity, organisations like INREV need someone who can speak the language of business as well as that of technology, and I enjoy making these connections. I was also taken by the opportunity to lead an IT transformation from inception and development through to testing and deployment. That should prove very rewarding.'

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Rui Mendes
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