Welcome - November 2021

This edition of the IQ goes live as we gather at our first face-to-face flagship event in almost two years, the Investor-only seminar and Autumn Conference in Copenhagen. Hopefully, the INREV community coming back together in person again signals some sort of return to normality – whatever that may be, as we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis. Despite a successful transition to a fully online events and training programme throughout this time, it is no match for catching up with colleagues and peers offline. 

The programme of the Autumn Conference is centred around ‘Serving a purpose: Working toward responsible investing’, with a special focus on the social aspects of ESG, and how we can truly pave the way to Net Zero. In this edition of the IQ, we too look at Net Zero together with Christopher Wright, Chair of the INREV ESG Committee who provided insights into to our recently launched paper, ‘The Impact of Net Zero Carbon’.  And, also in this edition we look at the various ESG and climate related regulations from the EU and UK set out in a bid to achieve the Paris Climate Accord Goals adopted in 2015. 

On to the topic of 'Debt', we look at the European Real Estate Debt Market following a wave of activity and investment coming from the non-traditional lenders, and we chat with INREV’s own Oscar Fusco in this edition's ‘Staff Profile’ as he talks about the launch of the European Debt Study and he involvement with one of INREV’s biggest on-going project, the INREV Data warehouse and platform. 

I invite you to enjoy this edition of the IQ Magazine and the Autumn Conference if you are joining us in Copenhagen, otherwise I look very much forward to seeing you all in London, Amsterdam, Munich or Paris (or online) at our annual Investment Intentions roadshow this January. 

Lonneke Löwik