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INREV Guidelines eLearning - Michael Hornsby  

Published on 14 Sep 2021

Foundation Course eLearning - Andrea Carpenter  

Published on 14 Sep 2021

Funds Termination Study 2021 Briefing  

Published on 03 Sep 2021

Richard Buytendijk (Senior Research and Analytics Manager, INREV) together with Joao Carlos Lelis (Director Fund Management, Sonae Sierra) and Mike Hasselgren (Lead for Financial Reporting and Analytics, NREP) explore the key highlights of the latest publication of the Funds Termination Study 2021. 

UK climate-related disclosures briefing  

Published on 01 Sep 2021

The briefing focused on the current UK consultation on climate-related disclosures presented jointly by INREV, AREF and IPF. The issues raised for managers and investors as well as the associations’ proposed responses to the consultation will be discussed by a panel of experts. 

Valuing CRE Debt for Lenders and Borrowers  

Published on 06 Jul 2021

This joint seminar for INREV, BPF and CREFC Europe members explores the who, why and how of valuating real estate debt. 

INREV Young Professionals Seminar 2021  

Published on 02 Jul 2021

The Young Professionals Seminar 2021 took place on 1 July under the theme 'Open for business: preparing for a post-Covid world'.