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Asset Level ESG Data Collection Briefing  

Published on 25 May 2022

Playback the Asset Level ESG data collection briefing where INREV discussed the preliminary results of the INREV Asset Level ESG data collection and how INREV can best tailor its proposition for the industry when it comes to the analysis and key outputs of ESG KPIs.

INREV recognises its role to drive industry level transparency on the topic of ESG performance data and we are interested in hearing your ideas about our newest initiative and proposition and how we can position the ESG related analysis to add value to the already existing internal and external frameworks and tools.

Charting the course of tax changes for real estate investment Briefing  

Published on 01 Apr 2022

European Commission Minimum Tax and Fighting the use of shell entities Briefing  

Published on 27 Jan 2022

Richard van der Linden, Tax Partner Real Estate at PwC in Amsterdam, presented on the European Commission’s legislative proposal adopting the OECD agreement on minimum tax along with measures for fighting the use of shell entities for tax avoidance explained in the August briefing. Referred to as ‘ATAD 3’, the proposal if adopted could impact tax-related aspects of fund structuring and operation.