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Asset Level Index Input Tool – Live

Asset Level Index Input Tool

Members eager to submit their data to the Asset Level Index can now do so via a new online tool.

This user-friendly tool allows you to upload mass data with automated validations, and adopts the latest technology to help with the verification of data. 

An interactive dashboard view allows you to keep on top of your portfolio of assets. 

The Asset Level Index initiative was launched in 2015, and rapidly gained support from the membership. The project is supported by 31 founding members, whom INREV would like to thank for their guidance throughout the project. The founding members were involved in the testing of the online tool at workshops across Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London in May.

The next stage of the project is to develop the online index analysis tool which will allow users to analyse their portfolio of assets. 

The Index will be launched at the 2019 INREV Annual Conference in Venice.

Get involved and start submitting your data by contacting Vitaliy Tonenchuk

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