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Average vehicle size breaks €550 million mark

Vehicles Universe

The average NAV of vehicles increased to €552.3 million, up 11.3% year on year during the course of 2018, indicating that vehicles continue to grow in size according to the INREV Vehicles Universe Q4 2018. 
Key highlights of Q4: 

  • The INREV Vehicles Universe contains 447 vehicles: 439 funds, 7 separate accounts and 1 club deal
  • Over the quarter 10 new vehicles were added to the Universe and 11 liquidated vehicles were removed
  • The majority of vehicles, 429, have a European strategy and 13 vehicles have a global strategy
  • Non-core vehicles comprise 35.5% of the Universe by number, while core make up the majority with 64.5%
  • A trio of Germany (110), Luxembourg (91) and the UK (74) lead in the domiciles of vehicles


View detailed analysis via the INREV Vehicles Universe Analysis Tool or download the PDF and Excel below

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