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Changes to FMAC and IAC

We are delighted to announce the new chair of the Fund Manager Advisory Council (FMAC) as Rob Wilkinson. A special thank you is extended to his predecessor, James Raynor who will still remain in the FMAC. 

A warm welcome to Jaap van der Bijl and Gaby Stein who will join the FMAC and special thanks are extended to Antoine de Broglie and Stein Berge Monsen who will rotate off this year. 

The Fund Manager Advisory Council’s (FMAC) role is to act as a sounding board for the CEO and to provide fund manager input on future initiatives
We are also delighted to announce that Minna Merilainen will join the Investor Advisory Council (IAC)

The Investor Advisory Council is a group that advises the CEO on current issues affecting the industry in Europe. This helps improve the quality and standards of non-listed real estate vehicles, making them more attractive to global investors.

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