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ESG in focus

In today’s changing investment landscape where investment decisions are becoming more complex, investors are paying more attention to sustainability and integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their decision-making processes, to drive strong performance and move forward their responsible investment agendas. This month we are shining a light on all our ESG related activities to keep you in the loop. #ESGmonth

As October draws to a close, we can look back on an eventful ESG Month. We celebrated by showcasing a number of inspiring case studies from around the globe via our new-look Global ESG library, and gave a recap on what tools are available to help INREV members take into account environmental, social and governance considerations. This included further information on INREV's Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and Best Practices, and its related self-compliance capabilities in the Assesment Tool

We shined the light on the revamped DDQ, one of INREVs most popular tools, used by 65% of members. The new DDQ places more emphasis to sustainability and integrating ESG factors into the investor decision-making process. 

But remember, ESG is not just for October. 

The Global Definitions Database will continue to evolve with the addition of further ESG definitions and you can join us in Madrid at the INREV Autumn Conference for yet more insights on all things Environmental, Social and Governmental. In their session, Ivan Rodriguez, Sustainability Director, Bridges Fund Management and Marten Dresen, Founder and CEO at Good Hotels will touch on getting the right balance in combining impact investing with financial returns. 

Global ESG Library

INREV and ANREV have merged their libraries of ESG-related resources together to form a shared Global ESG Library for the non-listed real estate industry. 

The Global ESG Library is a tool for members to fine-tune their understanding of what is evolving in contemporary ESG applications with focus on the non-listed real estate industry.

Global Definitions Database

The Global Definitions Database (GDD) is the leading global source of definitions for the non‐listed real estate sector.

In January of this year, the sustainability committee developed 24 ESG definitions for inclusion into the Global Definition Database (GDD) including Carbon Trading, Equity Share, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions, Renewable Energy and Building Energy Intensity and is currently in collaboration with INREVs regional partners to increase this number. Terminology growth, in topics such as ESG, continues to contribute to the GDD becoming a valuable resource for both INREV members and the industry to gain clarity on a variety of key terms in the context of non-listed real estate. 

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ESG in the Due Diligence Questionnaire

Last summer, we introduced an updated version of the DDQ which is streamlined to make it quicker and easier to use.

The new DDQ places more emphasis to sustainability and integrating ESG factors into the investor decision-making processes. It also encourages investment managers to highlight their concrete ESG plans and practical sustainability initiatives relating to their investment portfolio and their organisations.

ESG trainings and webinars

Health and Well-being in Real Estate Webinar


INREV/ GRESB webinar on ESG performance


October briefing call on Sustainable Finance Action Plan



The Online Assessment tool features new market and compliance averages, including sustainability reporting, and can be used to measure vehicles against industry best practice and determine the level of compliance with the INREV Guidelines. 

Advancing the ESG agenda

It’s well recognised that environmental factors impact the real estate investment process, but social and governance issues are coming to be seen as equally important.

The INREV Sustainability Committee has been in place since 2014, but is now really gearing up its activities as Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) considerations take centre stage in our industry. Here’s a taste of what it is doing.

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