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INREV Autumn Conference - Programme preview from the moderators

In just a week, we will be meeting in Rome for the INREV Autumn Conference to enjoy a one-day programme packed with presentations, lively debate, panel discussions and thought-provoking content built around one central theme: Building tomorrow’s industry, today. 

Those who are attending can expect to hear expert insights from within the realm of real estate and beyond as we are joined by renowned speakers such as Gillian Tett from the Financial Times who will present her case on the global showdown and how to spot the warning signs. 

Sharing insights on embracing change with open arms, Kenneth Cukier from The Economist will inspire attendees on how they can create and foster a culture of innovation in real estate to drive inevitable change. 

We are also delighted to welcome a panel of Young Professionals to the stage to tell us what they really think of the industry and where its headed – from their perspective.  

We will round the day off with a very special guest who will share his ‘symphony for success’ in orchestrating a perfect harmony. He will touch on the bubbling melting pot of different generations, cultures, backgrounds and the rich diversities that the non-listed industry presents us with. 

If you will not be joining us in Rome this year, please keep a check on twitter on the @INREV_News account or search with the #INREVEvents and #INREV hashtag to join the online conversation where we will be posting live updates and sharing the latest insights from the stage. 

See you in Rome,
Jo Allen and Ilkka Tomperi, 
Autumn Conference 2019 Moderators