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Keep up-to-date on vehicles universe

The Q1 2018 update of the INREV Vehicles Universe includes 443 vehicles comprised of 438 funds, 4 separate accounts and 1 club deal. 
Collectively they represent total net asset value (NAV) of €229.0 billion and gross asset value (GAV) of €291.1 billion. 

Key highlights:

  • Just over one third of the 443 vehicles, 36.6%, are non-core in strategy – 108 value added and 54 opportunity, the remaining 281 are core
  • Open end vehicles are more core in strategy (185 of the 195 open end vehicles) while closed end vehicles are a mix of strategies (96 core, 98 value added and 54 opportunity)
  • The 11 global strategy vehicles represent total NAV of EUR 12.0 billion and GAV of EUR 14.6 billion, indicating that global vehicles are almost twice the size of their European peers on average

View detailed analysis via the INREV Vehicles Universe Analysis Tool or download the PDF and Excel below.