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Latest industry trends in investor reporting

Trends in Investor Reporting

Results of the Trends in Investor Reporting report show that overall compliance with the INREV Guidelines has reached its highest score at 80%.

The review of submitted assessments provides valuable insights into current market practices of investor reporting and the extent to which these comply with the requirements and recommendations of the INREV Guidelines.

Compliance with the INREV Reporting module has remained high at 79%, compared to 73% in 2015. This year’s review was enhanced and provides a comprehensive analysis of not only the Reporting module, but for the first year includes the Property Valuation, INREV NAV and Fee and Expense Metrics modules of the INREV Guidelines, including tips and advice for further compliance.

Additionally, a new section dedicated to the investment manager profile and their fund operations portrays current practices of corporate governance and real estate business operations for the European market.