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Leverage investment portfolio sustainability

Learn about Goodman’s way to make sustainability an established feature of their future-oriented portfolio strategy. 

The case study describes how Goodman has continually improved their GRESB score resulting in a steady outperformance of the peers.

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Using GRESB to leverage investment portfolio sustainability  

Published on 18 Apr 2017

Over the last 10 years or so, the investment community has become increasingly alert to the sustainability qualities of the property portfolios they invest in.

Sustainability has been embraced for its potential to provide cost savings to customers and value to capital partners, as well as for its benefits to wider society. The case study describes Goodman’s response to this trend and how they have continually improved their GRESB score resulting in a steady outperformance of the peers.

Goodman has developed a long-term approach to sustainability with a strategy focusing on four main areas: sustainable development, asset management, corporate performance, and people and community. In response to the lack of a specific external sustainability tool for industrial property Goodman has developed a unique assessment tool – the Goodman Sustainability Snapshot – to measure the energy efficiency features of its properties. The tool gauges the intrinsic quality of just the building. By measuring the quality of assets in this way, Goodman is better able to advise on investment and timing for feature upgrades, including those related to sustainability.

Prepared by Goodman and INREV