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September is INREV Standards Month 2021

INREV’s Professional Standards enable consistency, allow peer-to-peer comparison and promote market transparency. The standards set the benchmark for corporate governance, sustainability, liquidity, valuation and reporting by way of the nine modules of the Guidelines, standardised templates and industry insights

Throughout this month, we’ll be shining the light on the various global initiatives around AUM, NAV and the global definitions for example. We’ll be chatting with an investment manager about how they’ve used the INREV Guidelines to branch out beyond their national remit and we’ll be talking with a reporting expert about why the SDDS has been a major part of their practical toolkit. And, toward the end of the month we will be officially launching the Guidelines Review Consultation scheduled to run until the end of 2022. But, more news on that in the coming weeks. 

In the meantime, did you know we’ll be launching an INREV Guidelines eLearning course this November to get to grips with the nine guidelines and how they fit together to create transparency, consistency and promote best practice. Keep an eye on the eLearning for more info