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Tools for a better ESG future

With ESG month officially in full swing, what a better time to shine the spotlight on the INREV tools available to help our community in achieving transparency and comparability across the industry. 

The INREV Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ) helps investors to select the most suitable non-listed real estate vehicle. Since its launch in 2007, it has become the most popular INREV tool, used by nearly 65% of members. 

Last summer, we  introduced an updated version of the DDQ which is streamlined to make it quicker and easier to use. The new version is aligned with the latest INREV Guidelines and Global Definitions Database to make it consistent and adaptable across the globe. 

The new DDQ places more emphasis to sustainability and integrating ESG factors into the investor decision-making processes. It also encourages investment managers to highlight their concrete ESG plans and practical sustainability initiatives relating to their investment portfolio and their organisations.

Additionally, the online Assessment tool features new market and compliance averages, including sustainability reporting , and can be used to measure vehicles against industry best practice and determine the level of compliance with the INREV Guidelines. 

View the updated Assessment Tool  View the updated DDQ

Global ESG Library publication

CUBE 2020  

Published on 16 May 2017

CUBE 2020 is a European energy consumption contest for buildings, run annually by the Français pour la Performance du Bâtimen (IFPEB) in France. The contest awards winners based on their ability to reduce energy consumption in buildings over a one-year period through quick win solutions and improved management and operations processes. 

This case study features four projects and contest participants located throughout France. The following four case studies – taken from prize winners of the 2015-16 competition – illustrate the dramatic improvements in building efficiency that can be possible over a relatively short space of time. 
•    The Carré Suffren, Paris, owned by Foncière Des Régions (FDR)
•    Le Leoni, Montigny Le Bretonneux, owned by Perial Asset Management and let to Leoni Wiring Systems
•    Rennes Colombiers, owned by Poste Immo
•    Quai Vendeuvre, Caen, owned by Poste Immo