Using GRESB to leverage investment portfolio sustainability

Prepared by Goodman and INREV

Over the last 10 years or so, the investment community has become increasingly alert to the sustainability qualities of the property portfolios they invest in.

Sustainability has been embraced for its potential to provide cost savings to customers and value to capital partners, as well as for its benefits to wider society. The case study describes Goodman’s response to this trend and how they have continually improved their GRESB score resulting in a steady outperformance of the peers.

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The ambition to create the most sustainable redeveloped shopping centre in the Netherlands has paid off

Prepared by CBRE and CBRE Global Investors

The case study of Heuvel Eindhoven shows how the implementation of a sustainable strategy can turn an outdated asset into one of the top-rated shopping centres in the Netherlands with a double Outstanding score. 

This project has been approached first and foremost from the perspective of sustainability and provides details of technical and operational improvements. 

This resulted in a BREEAM-NL In-Use Outstanding score for the asset and an Outstanding score for the operations. The score of 90.82% is the highest score in the field of operations in the Netherlands, unique for a 25 year old shopping centre. 


BRIGHT: Optimise Energy Consumption

Prepared by Sonae Sierra and INREV

BRIGHT is an innovative project developed by Sonae Sierra in 2014, which uses a theoretical model to produce optimal energy consumption figures for each of its shopping centres.

Le Terrazze in Italy provides a case in point. After applying the Bright analysis, it was found that the shopping centre was consuming more energy in practice than it should in theory.

Through a series of management measures, and the introduction of free cooling, Le Terrazze was able to identify potential savings of €163,000 – equivalent to 27% of the shopping centre’s annual electricity bill.


'Deep Green' facilities at Bentley Works

Prepared by Skanska and INREV

Skanska used the redevelopment of the Bentley Works factory to set the standard for future undertakings.

Bentley Works is 7.5 ha site for engineering, manufacturing and servicing which has been redeveloped into a state-of-the-art facility. Skanska used the project to create a new standard and developed an internal rating system with 'Deep Green' as the highest rating. Achieving net zero primary energy, zero waste, zero hazardous materials and net zero water, Bentley Works went beyond the minimum requirements of Deep Green.


Resource Efficiency and Safety First at Loop5

Prepared by Sonae Sierra and INREV

In accordance with their long standing commitment to sustainability, Sonae Sierra sought to implement the highest standards of Environmental, Safety and Health management on the Loop5 project, both in the development and operation phases.

LOOP 5 is a 56k m2 shopping centre in Weiterstadt, Germany, that demonstrates exceptional environmental, safety and health performance, built under Sierra's Environmental Management System and with a construction certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental standard. It was conceived to be highly functional, bringing the world of aviation alive for its visitors in its themed architecture.