Brexit has significant implications on many industries globally – and the non-listed real estate investment sector is no exception. In response to the June 2016 referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union, INREV has created a Brexit Focus Group and released both INREV and industry statements urging policymakers to avoid barriers and maintain market access. We bring you all the latest information and developments on how Brexit will impact our industry.


Tax-related impacts of a hard Brexit on non-listed real estate investment  

Published on 10 Oct 2017

In case of a hard Brexit, many technical changes need to be made to UK tax rules that currently interrelate with EU law. A mapping exercise has been completed to summarise the tax-related impacts of a hard Brexit on non-listed real estate. 

Impact of a hard Brexit Briefing  

Published on 29 Jun 2017

Jeff Rupp, INREV Public Affairs Director, presents on the impacts of a hard Brexit on the non-listed real estate industry. Learn more about the Brexit Focus Group’s analysis of how a hard Brexit would affect investors, managers and service providers both in and outside Europe, as well as some of the political dynamics currently at play.

The impact of a hard Brexit on non-listed indirect real estate investment  

Published on 23 Jun 2017

The non-listed real estate industry could be facing a hard Brexit in less than two years. The INREV Brexit Focus Group has mapped out what the implications would be for fund managers, investors and service providers.

Guiding Principles for Future EU-UK Relations: the non-listed real estate investment perspective 2017  

Published on 08 Mar 2017

The result of the 23 June 2016 referendum on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union raises many questions regarding the future relationship between the EU and the UK, and poses a number of important challenges for the members of INREV, the European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Vehicles.

Brexit update from a UK and remaining EU country perspective Briefing  

Published on 28 Oct 2016

This briefing discusses the current state of play of Brexit and the potential impact it will have on non-listed real estate investment. Simon Crown and Marian Scheele, partners at Clifford Chance in London and Amsterdam, presented the topic from both the UK and the remaining EU Member State perspective.

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