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Autumn Conference 2018

, Madrid

Join us on 28 November in Madrid for the INREV Autumn Conference.

This year delegates will gather in Madrid on 28 November to discuss future proofing the real estate industry.

This high caliber event will include keynote speakers Didier Sornette, Professor at ETH Zurich, Märtha Rehnberg, Co-Founder and Partner, DareDisrupt and Alexis Crow, Lead, Geopolitical Investing practice at PwC.

We will also focus on the rise of alternatives with Charlie Macgregor, CEO, The Student Hotel.

The one day programme will include presentations by industry experts as well as panel discussions.
Attendees are also welcome to join us for drinks the evening before on Tuesday 27 November at Posada de la Villa.

A special thanks to our three sponsors Azora Capital, IPUT and Jamestown US- Immobilien. 
Your support is highly appreciated.



Madrid, Spain

  • The Westin Palace Madrid
  • Plaza de las Cortes 7
  • 28014


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27 November
19:00 Start of evening programme: Walking tour
          Departing from the Westin Palace hotel lobby

20:00 Welcome dinner at Posada de la Villa

28 November
08:30 Registration and welcome coffee
09:15 Start of conference
17:00 End of conference


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