INREV Videos

INREV makes available a range of videos, including recordings of live training webinars, tutorials on various topics, and informational videos on the non-listed industry.

INREV Autumn Conference 2017

This video gives viewers a short impression of the INREV Autumn Conference held on the 16 November 2017 in Amsterdam. The one day programme included presentations and panel discussions by industry experts.

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User Guide: INREV Index Analysis Tool

This user guide introduces the INREV Index Analysis Tool and explains its many features.

User guide: create an INREV account

If your company is an INREV member all employees have the right to create an individual account. Follow this guide to create an INREV account.

Reporting in the spotlight

John Ravoisin, Chair of the Reporting Committee and Partner at PwC explains the importance of reporting in today’s market, and talks about how the committee aims to create guidelines that will shape best practice for the industry in the future.

90 seconds of the INREV Guidelines Assessments

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User Guide: the INREV Guidelines Assessments

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Global standards in the spotlight

Neil Harris, Co-Chair of the INREV Global Standards Steering Committee explains the importance of setting common industry standards and language across the globe. He discusses the achievements made to date in identifying gaps and explains how they plan to move forward to close the gaps with key representatives from each region.

Investment Intentions 2017: Global investors keep faith in real estate

INREV Investment Intentions 2017 in the spotlight. Henri Vuong presents key highlights of the survey.

Importance of sustainability in the real estate sector

View 90 seconds tutorial on INREV Sustainability Reporting Guidelines

90 seconds of INREV Sustainability Reporting Guidelines

Learn about the importance of sustainability in the real estate sector