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First 100 Days

Gone are the days when we could take a stable political environment for granted – potential policy changes are now a part of every real estate investment discussion we have with our colleagues and our clients. Read more

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Do European and US institutional investors speak the same language?

‘Two peoples separated by a common language’ is a statement widely attributed to the playwright George Bernard Shaw in describing the differences between the English and Americans. In many respects, the same can be said of European and American institutional real estate investors. Read more

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US elections creating political risk

Investors are, by nature, risk averse. Or at least they like to understand the risks they take. For real estate investors, tenancy risk, market risk, interest rate risk and vacancy risk are a normal part of doing business. In recent years, though, political risk has increasingly been garnering attention. Read more

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Value-add investments

The recently-released 2016 Investment Intentions Survey showed that North America-based investors looking at European real estate lean towards value-added investments. When investors look outside of their home markets, it is generally for higher returns and diversification; this is especially true for US-based investors who have a vast opportunity set for core investment at home. Read more

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Fees and expenses have been hitting the headlines in the US

Ripped from the headlines…States, Cities to Ask SEC to Beef Up Disclosures for Private Equity Firms (WSJ); SEC Investigates Favoritism for LPs (peHUB); SEC Charges Private Equity Firm for Failing to Disclosures Conflict (SEC); Private equity real estate hiring attracting scrutiny from SEC (Bloomberg). Read more

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US institutional investors spy opportunity with emerging real estate managers

In this new feature of IQ, INREV’s North American members will report on issues affecting their market. raymond Jacobs kicks off the series by exploring a fresh  strategic direction for US institutional investors. Read more