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An Attractive Market For Foreign Investors

The rapid recovery of the economy and the gradual return of everyday life closer to normal times are reflected in the Finnish property markets. Transaction market remains active, residential rental demand is picking up and gradual recovery is also expected in the commercial property rental markets.  Read more

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Keeping faith in real estate

After years of strong performance, investors around Europe are bound to ask if real estate can continue to justify its level of allocation in their portfolios. Read more

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Brexit: Where to next?

With just two and a half weeks to go until Brexit day at the time of writing, it's astonishing that all four options still remain open to the UK: Read more

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Investors warm to Spain

IQ Magazine interviewed Cristina GarcĂ­a-Peri, Head of Business Development & Strategy at real estate investment manager Azora, who have recently joined INREV, about the buoyant Spanish market. Read more