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Keeping faith in real estate

After years of strong performance, investors around Europe are bound to ask if real estate can continue to justify its level of allocation in their portfolios. Read more

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Brexit: Where to next?

With just two and a half weeks to go until Brexit day at the time of writing, it's astonishing that all four options still remain open to the UK: Read more

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Investors warm to Spain

IQ Magazine interviewed Cristina García-Peri, Head of Business Development & Strategy at real estate investment manager Azora, who have recently joined INREV, about the buoyant Spanish market. Read more

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Coming of age

Italy is one of the largest and wealthiest countries in Europe. It is the third largest economy in the euro zone and the world’s sixth largest manufacturing nation, as well as having the third largest population in the euro zone: 61 million residents. According to Property Fund Research, the total stock of investable real estate in Italy amounts to some €700 billion (1). Read more

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Italian Funds

Despite the problems in its banking sector, Italy continues to see strong growth in the assets of institutional investors. Pension funds and life insurance companies are benefiting from strong positive inflows, thanks largely to the pension law reforms that have been introduced over the last two decades. Read more