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Data driven investments

INREV has recently published a paper introducing data-driven investment, the first of three that will be written on the topic. But, what does data-driven investment mean in practice? Read more


Does Eurpean property offer inflation protection?

The war in Ukraine and the resulting energy crisis has brought a higher interest rate and inflation environment back to Europe. With high inflation seemingly a historical phenomenon, many of the younger market participants are experiencing and learning how to adjust their decisions in a high inflationary environment for the very first time.   Read more

Staff profile

Keith Alexander

Keith Alexander recently joined INREV as Senior Research and Analytics Manager, a role in which he has responsibility for producing all the fund indices.  In this interview with IQ, Keith explains that he has been rapidly getting up to speed with using the INREV systems and understanding how the index outputs come together. Read more

Young Professionals

The changing skillset of real estate

A successful career in real estate is built on human connections. And despite fresh memories of lockdown and the rise of AI, this is unlikely to change any time soon. Real estate is still a relationship industry. But since the institutionalisation of the asset class in the 1990s, the real estate skillset has developed and become more specialised.  Read more

Market Information

The INREV Asset Level Index

In 2019, INREV launched the first edition of the Asset Level Index, following three years of consultation and development. As per the initial predictions of some of the Index’s early adopters, it has radically improved transparency of the European non-listed real estate market. Read more


Storm clouds gathering? Inflation and high-interest rates

Paul Kennedy, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, Global Alternatives, J.P. Morgan Asset management discussed the outlook for inflation, interest rates and what does it mean for main asset classes at the INREV Autumn conference in Marseille. Read more


20 years of INREV

In 2023 INREV will celebrate its 20th anniversary.  IQ takes a brief look at the journey so far and points to the road ahead. When a handful of investors and fund managers established INREV in 2003, the European non-listed real estate investment industry was in its infancy.   Read more

Market Information

European Debt Funds on an upward path

Ever since the Global Financial Crisis, ‘alternative’ lenders’ share of European real estate debt has risen relative to that of banks. This trend, which mirrored developments in the US a decade earlier, shows no signs of slowing down. Read more

Public affairs

Letter from Brussels and London

In the wake of Brexit, UK policy makers have been reviewing EU rules on their books with a view toward making the UK a more attractive fund and investment manager domicile. As a result, in the past year we have seen a number of policy initiatives coming from the UK as they review and update their regulatory approach to the financial sector, including the real estate sector.  Read more


Committee Spotlight – INREV Technology Committee

With digitisation spreading rapidly across the non-listed real estate industry, the impact of technology and Innovation is becoming an important consideration for all market players. To improve processes, increase transparency and achieve efficiencies, many are exploring the technological and digital solutions that can help secure their future success. Read more