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Embracing change

IQ recently spoke to Jo Allen, Chief Executive of Frogmore and member of the INREV Fund Manager Advisory Council. Frogmore has just seen the first closing of its fourth investment fund, which like its forerunners will be investing exclusively in UK real estate. Read more

Sector focus

A new life for Rome's office buildings

Rome’s tourist demand keeps on rising, with 9.8 million arrivals and 29 million overnight stays confirming the city1 as the top Italian destination. This growth is prompting significant changes in the city’s hotel stock, particularly for certain parts of the sector. Its composition is changing: the 5-star and luxury segment has recorded the biggest increase in supply, while the number of 1 and 2-star hotels is decreasing. Read more

Young Professionals

Young Professionals firmly on the agenda

In 2019, we offered a number of events for our young professionals including a two- day conference and several Link and Learn events across Europe, specifically designed to engage the industry’s younger generation and equip them with the skillset, knowledge and network that they need to succeed.YOUNG PROFESSIONALS CONFERENCE 2019, LISBON Read more


Creating climate risk metrics for real estate markets

The building and construction sector produced 39 percent of energy and process-related carbon emissions globally in 20171  .It is also directly exposed to adverse climate events such as storms, flash floods, and extreme heat and cold, which are now expected to happen more frequently and with greater intensity. Read more


Bias and Groupthink

Decision making is a fundamental part of investing. Unconscious bias, anchoring and group think are all examples of the ways in which outcomes of decisions can be influenced. Read more

View from North America

Member viewpoint

With over 150 delegates in attendance, INREV’s North American Conference in New York early October brought together experienced, thought-provoking panelists who shared fascinating and practical insights on the latest trends in European non-listed real estate investment. This year, focus fell on the hot topic of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.Risk Vs Reward Read more


A new lens on the universe

It is widely recognised that institutional investors’ real estate allocations have been rising across Europe over the last 20 years. Read more

Staff profile

Carien Nieters

The eLearning and development associate role has been newly created in response to a growing need expressed by members for an eLearning programme and Carien, with a background in Education fits the bill perfectly to take the platform from its initial concept to fruition. IQ: Tell us about your role at INREV Read more


Coming of age

The global financial crisis (GFC) was a very a sobering experience for many industry players but new research from INREV shows that more than a decade on, its legacy has been a positive one. Read more

Public affairs

Letter from Brussels

How do you measure the downside volatility of real estate investments in the worst situation imaginable? How far could property values fall? Put simply, that’s the issue confronting regulators developing solvency capital requirements (SCRs) for property investments under Solvency II as far back as 2009 and 2010. Read more