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A recipe for rich data

Asset Level Index coming to fruition Read more

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Buildings that think for themselves

It is now well documented and widely agreed that the Internet of Things (IOT) is fundamentally changing the way businesses operate and how consumers engage with companies, while at the same time opening up new business opportunities and models. Read more


360 Degree Vision

This year INREV celebrates its 15th anniversary. We have achieved a great deal over this period, including global research, a suite of indices, industry guidelines and standards, a full programme of events and training. But since our start in 2003, the non-listed real estate industry and the broader asset class have gone through enormous changes. Read more

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Tommy Brown

Tommy Brown, a New York Partner at LGT Capital Partners, the global specialist in alternative investing, recently took time out to speak to IQ Magazine about his longstanding involvement with INREV and the continuing globalisation of the non-listed real estate sector. Read more

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Moving to the next stage

INREV’s Due Diligence Questionnaire is going through an important overhaul. The DDQ, which specifies the information a manager needs to provide an investor or consultant when deciding if a vehicle proposal matches their investment objectives, has recently been updated to reflect investors’ due diligence processes more closely. The content of the questionnaire has also been brought closer into line with the most recent INREV Guidelines and global definitions. Read more


Making technology work for non-listed real estate

As the pace of digital innovation continues to accelerate, real estate must be sure not to get left behind. In this fast moving environment, INREV is looking to help the industry harness the potential of new technology and achieve favourable outcomes from the vast range of choices it will face. Read more