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Members will reap the rewards from providing historical fund data Read more

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German Vehicles Index strikes a new path

The German Vehicles Index is a first for INREV, as it allows users to break down the performance of vehicles by domicile and legal structure. INREV plans this to be the first of a suite of national vehicles indices, which will make a new level of data available to the industry. Read more

View from North America

Do European and US institutional investors speak the same language?

‘Two peoples separated by a common language’ is a statement widely attributed to the playwright George Bernard Shaw in describing the differences between the English and Americans. In many respects, the same can be said of European and American institutional real estate investors. Read more


Striding towards global fee and expense metrics

INREV, ANREV, NCREIF and PREA have been collaborating since 2015 on the challenge of developing a set of global fee and expense metrics. We reached a key milestone along this road in May, with the publication of a global terminology and set of definitions, bridging the gaps between different regional standards. Read more

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Catherine Martougin

Making regulation work for real estate Catherine Martougin accentuates the positive IQ caught up with Catherine Martougin, Partner at Baker & McKenzie in Luxembourg, to discuss regulation and how initiatives like the introduction of RAIFs, the reserved alternative investment funds, may help cope with time constraints created by regulations. Read more

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A View on Brexit

The outcome of the June 23 Brexit referendum sent seismic shockwaves through European policy making institutions. Initially, there seems to have been some reflection regarding whether too much regulation emanating from Brussels, possibly introduced too quickly, might have contributed to UK voter dissatisfaction with European integration. Read more