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European Debt Funds on an upward path

The Asset class will need to keep evolving Read more

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Smart contracts for real estate investment

For all the technological advances seen in many parts of the real estate business, transactions – both for assets and for funds – are still a costly and time-consuming process. One solution to this problem could be creating automated transaction systems, where human involvement is replaced by digital ledger-based technology (DLT). Smart contracts are at the heart of these systems. Read more

Market Information

Investment Intentions 2022

The real estate market has evolved significantly over the last decade. Structural trends and developments have brought about changes in the way the attractiveness of different sectors is perceived. In general, market dynamics have continued to evolve as a result of changes in the social, economic, political, technological and demographical landscape, and most recently in the face of a pandemic. Read more

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Measuring Performance 101

When it comes to fund performance, various measures can be used. Firstly, it is good practice to understand the fund's characteristics such as the vehicle structure, strategy and vintage, and what insight one is looking for when choosing a performance indicator. Read more


European Real Estate Debt Markets Set To Move Up A Gear

Over the past decade, the INREV, ANREV, PREA Investment Intentions Survey has shown consistent and growing appetite for exposure to real estate debt strategies from investors. This has led to a wave of activity and investment from non-traditional lenders including insurance and pension companies, and debt funds.  But, how did we get here and what lies ahead? Read more


Dispersion in performance

With more than 20 years of European non-listed real estate data, the INREV Quarterly Fund Index offers a depth of insights for the curious mind. Read more