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INREV Young Professionals Seminar 2021

The three-hour seminar around the theme, ‘Open for Business: preparing for a post-COVID world’, took place on 1 July 2021, with many interesting areas covered and moderated by Catriona Allen from LaSalle Global Partner Solutions. Read more


ESG – From Boardroom to Action 

Guy Grainger, Global head of Sustainability Services, JLL shared his thoughts recently at the INREV Annual Conference, on ESG and what’s currently happening in the market, how to turn strategy into execution, and presented a scenario of our industry five years into the future. Read more


Digitisation and tokenisation technologies could ease vehicle access

For all the advances in the marketplace over recent years, investment into private commercial real estate – both vehicles and individual assets – is still a cumbersome process.  Real estate transactions involve a number of different stages and multiple intermediaries, such as lawyers and agents, who help reduce risk for all participants but add time and cost.   Read more

Young Professionals

The Evolution of the INREV Guidelines

Non-listed is still relatively young, joining the real estate landscape alongside direct and listed just over 20 years ago. Read more

Member profile

Member Profile: Keith O'Donnell

IQ spoke recently to Keith O’Donnell about his work as a Luxembourg-based tax adviser and the recent achievements of the INREV Tax Committee, which he has chaired over the past four years.  15 years ago, he founded the tax advisory firm ATOZ in Luxembourg, where he is now Managing Partner and was one of the founders of Tax and, the leading international tax network. Read more

Public affairs

Letter from Brussels

The first phase of responding to the Covid-19 crisis was understandably focused on crafting health and safety measures, while cushioning the European economy as much as possible from the ensuing financial and economic impacts of the virus. In Brussels, the European Parliament and European Commission offices were closed and workers sent home to work, much like the rest of Europe. Read more


Coming of age

The global financial crisis (GFC) was a very a sobering experience for many industry players but new research from INREV shows that more than a decade on, its legacy has been a positive one. Read more


Welcome - November 2019

This Summer, we held the INREV Young Professionals Conference in Lisbon attended by 175 of the industry’s rising stars who are getting ready to run with the baton, and take the industry forward into the next generation. Read more

Member profile

Digital takes the platform

IQ recently spoke to Thomas Schneider, Founder and Head of Platforms at BrickVest, the digital marketplace for real estate developers, lenders and investors, about how the Proptech revolution is opening up real estate to a wider range of investors. Read more

Public affairs

Welcoming the new faces of European Policy

The European elections in late May marked the end of the political structure in power in Brussels during the past five years. In its place, a newly constituted European Parliament and Commission will determine the course of European policy for the next five years. Read more