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Market Information

Sustainable Investment: toward a clearer definition

INREV’s recently published Sustainable Investment Survey captures the views of seventy-five market participants, representing a total AUM of €2.2 trillion. The data highlights a range of perspectives that help bring clarity to the difficult question of how to define a sustainable investment. Read more

Market Information

Germany & France: the sick men of Europe

Over the last year, the European non-listed real estate market can be characterised by continued negative performance. Read more


Times that shook the industry to its core

A lot happens in 20 years and the European non-listed real estate industry has borne its fair share of turmoil. Iryna Pylypchuk, INREV’s Director of Research and Market Information, shared her thoughts on the industry’s resilience with IQ. Read more


Lessons Learned

The first article in a series of ‘Lessons Learned’ to help industry players understand how the non-listed real estate investment asset class has developed and how you can learn from past lessons to guide better informed decisions in the future. Read more


Alphabet Soup

As every newcomer to the world of laws and regulations learns, the very first challenge is to learn a new language: the 'alphabet soup' of regulation. Policy makes love nothing more than to adopt new rules with usually long names that are then shortened into an acronym that Brussels or London insiders use as a way to distinguish who’s 'in' and who’s 'out' of the concentric circles of stakeholders. Read more

Market Information

European Debt Funds on an upward path

Ever since the Global Financial Crisis, ‘alternative’ lenders’ share of European real estate debt has risen relative to that of banks. This trend, which mirrored developments in the US a decade earlier, shows no signs of slowing down. Read more


INREV Website Redesign

INREV instigated the website redesign in response to members’ feedback, particularly the membership survey undertaken in 2020 and member user testing completed in 2021. A huge thanks to all the twenty members who participated in the card sorting activities and the one-to-one interviews helping us to work out what was intuitive and how and where we could improve the user experience.   Read more

Member profile

Member Profile: Abigail Dean

With sustainability and climate resilience climbing ever higher on the real estate investor’s agenda, IQ magazine was delighted to have the chance to speak to the chair of INREV’s ESG Committee, Abigail Dean. Read more


Smart contracts for real estate investment

For all the technological advances seen in many parts of the real estate business, transactions – both for assets and for funds – are still a costly and time-consuming process. One solution to this problem could be creating automated transaction systems, where human involvement is replaced by digital ledger-based technology (DLT). Smart contracts are at the heart of these systems. Read more

Public affairs

Letter from Brussels

Over most of the past two years, the Public Affairs and Tax Committees and the Brussels-based Public Affairs team have been kept busy with a stream, or sometimes more accurately a torrent, of regulatory and tax consultations. These consultations are a required step in the process of developing new regulations and tax measures and are designed to get public input into policy proposals before they’re adopted in final form.  Read more