INREV Website Redesign

Introducing the Megamenu

INREV instigated the website redesign in response to members’ feedback, particularly the membership survey undertaken in 2020 and member user testing completed in 2021. A huge thanks to all the twenty members who participated in the card sorting activities and the one-to-one interviews helping us to work out what was intuitive and how and where we could improve the user experience.  

Although the overall level of satisfaction with the website was high for content and look and feel there were suggestions that it could sometimes be difficult for people to find their way around the site.    

So the new website will place the INREV member front and centre, by making navigation more intuitive and getting users to where they want to be.   

Mega Menu Screenshot

In the first phase of a redesign that aims to make INREV’s website clearer and more accessible to users, a new Megamenu is set to be in place by the end of June. The new Megamenu – containing the main signposts for the website – will run along the top of the screen and direct users to five distinct sections of the website: 1)Insights, 2)Data, 3) Guidelines, Tax and Reg,  4) Events and Training and 5) About INREV.  This will replace the existing side-bar menu, which was based on the structure of INREV’s departments.

So the new website will place the INREV member front and centre, by making navigation more intuitive and getting users to where they want to be.

The new Insights section will contain all of INREV’s published materials such as research reports, short papers, news announcements and  thought leadership articles. There’s also a new area dedicated to important themes impacting the industry such as Non-Listed Real Estate, ESG and impact investing.  In addition to INREV’s insights you can also find member insights such as case studies and best practice examples in our libraries including the Global ESG library and the soon to be launched  Technology library.   

The Data area will feature the INREV suite of data, including the indices, vehicles universes and online interactive analysis tools.  These were previously under the heading of ‘market information’. This will also be the entry point to our IT Platform for data submission, analysis and downloads.

Guidelines, Tax and Regulation will all be gathered in one area as it was not intuitive to members which section they should look for specific information. Here you can find all the INREV Guidelines modules, standardised templates, global standards initiatives, and important information on tax and regulations impacting the industry plus a link to the country by country guide.;

Events and training will be brought together in one area – where there will be a greater focus on the regular scheduled events and training courses than previously, while still highlighting what’s coming up in the near future.  The detailed redesign of Events and Training – due for completion over the summer – will represent the second phase of the project.  Here we will improve the presentation of each event and training course, bringing all the information you need in one clear overview without the need to click through to additional documents.

The About INREV section will provide the user with information about membership, the structure of the association and access to the team and office locations.  

Phase 3 will focus on the presentation of the insights section, and Phase 4 will redesign the search function, improving functionality to make it reflect users’ requirements more accurately.

If you would like a tailored web based demo of the INREV website for your team book it online.

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