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Alfio Shkreta

Data Analyst

Alfio Shkreta is a data analyst in INREV’s Research and Market Information team, dedicated to producing information, reports and trend analyses for members.

If you submit performance data to INREV then you are one of hundreds that help Alfio to produce all-important flagship industry outputs such as; the INREV Quarterly Index, the Global Real Estate Fund Index (GREFI) and the INREV Annual Index.

‘INREV serves members and every product is designed to increase transparency for non-listed real estate vehicles. It allows them to make peer-to-peer comparisons and undertake benchmarking,’ says Alfio, who is in contact with around 200 members on a quarterly basis for the INREV Index alone. ‘By submitting data, members help us better serve the membership as a whole.’

While submission is voluntary, Alfio puts months of work into gathering the statistics he needs. Behind the scenes he begins by preparing a list of members to contact about submission, which he then follows with emails requesting data and then chases up with reminders over email and telephone. ‘Persistence is key to success,’ he explains. Once submissions are made reports are sent for external verification. ‘There is no slow period,’ says Alfio, referring to the production of the INREV Index. ‘After the three-month research period is over, it is then my role to help explain the outcome of the findings.’ And in between all of this work, he collates the Industry News, a bi-weekly newsletter of the latest news about vehicles, industry moves and transactions.

As members vary in their ability to submit data, Alfio keeps in regular contact to ensure they have INREV in mind when the time is right. ‘It is my responsibility to increase coverage for all INREV indices, and make information accessible for members and non-members alike,’ says Alfio, adding: ‘Members often recognise that we are not competing with anyone but trying to help the industry –  that is a big advantage.’

By submitting data, members help us better serve the membership as a whole.

As the organisation’s membership grows so does its product output. One area of growth is the GREFI, which is jointly produced by INREV, ANREV and NCREIF and measures the performance of non-listed real estate vehicles globally. It currently reflects data from almost 380 funds - a number Alfio aims to expand upon. ‘One of my goals is to increase the number of funds taking part in Europe and the quality of the data,’ says Alfio, who works closely with INREV’s partners on the European element of the research.

Alfio, who collaborates with members to ensure reports and indices reflect the needs of the market, is currently engaged in the production of a new index to cover investment in alternative asset classes like healthcare and student housing. As he explains: ‘INREV is being pro-active in reflecting the growing diversity of the market, and in providing another route to serve its membership.’

Alfio Shkreta