Staff profile

Julie de Mooij

Office Manager

Julie de Mooij, who joined INREV seven months ago, spoke to IQ recently about her role as Office Manager in Amsterdam and her focus on membership administration.

For an organisation like INREV, it’s critical that all membership information is kept up to date and in good order, so members can make the most of all the benefits that it provides.

‘Member representatives can easily enter their details via the INREV website,’ she explains, ‘and from then on will only need to update the information when there are changes – for example if they are promoted and have a new job title.’

When problems occur, it’s usually because individuals’ or company details have changed, but they haven’t remembered to add these changes to the website. ‘A lot of members have been in touch with me lately in the run-up to the Annual Conference,’ says Julie. ‘Some have been unable to access the member area of the INREV website, as the log-in they’re trying to use doesn’t work. I can usually sort out these problems quite easily, but I’d advise members to make sure they use the website frequently. That way they’ll soon realise if their contact information isn’t correct, and they’ll also keep up-to-date with everything that INREV membership offers.’

As Office Manager, Julie is the main point of contact for all INREV membership issues, and her responsibilities stretch from initial membership applications and approvals (ratified by the Management Board), through to putting new members in touch with the best person to deal with their enquiry. Her job as Office Manager also includes organising the rotation of membership for INREV’s 10 committees.

Julie joined INREV from the Dutch radio and TV broadcaster Publieke Omroep Amsterdam. In many ways the challenges of office management are similar, but she is growing to appreciate INREV’s collaborative spirit. ‘It’s great to be working for such a dedicated group of people, where everyone is ready to help each other,’ she says. ‘And we’re all very aware that the organisations stands or falls depending on the input of its members – which makes it crucial for them to have quick and easy access to the right people and services here at all times.’

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