Letter from the CEO

INREV continues to go from strength to strength. Last year our membership grew to 396, a record number of organisations, while 40 new members joined during the year. Eleven of the new members were institutional investors, the largest number since 2008. At the same time, there was a good balance between LP’s and non-LP’s among those coming on board.

The growth in INREV’s membership is being matched by an ever widening range of products and services, designed specifically to support the non-listed real estate industry. At present, the European Asset Level Index is probably our most important new initiative of this kind. The INREV Management Board would therefore like to encourage those managers who have not yet committed themselves to join the index to do so now. June is the deadline for those who wish to become a founder member of the index for the first five years. Besides quarterly asset level results for sectors across the major European countries, founder members – and all those who subsequently provide data on the assets they manage – will benefit from an online Index Analysis Tool that allows them to create sub-indices based on asset characteristics of their own choosing.

A session on the Asset Level Index is included in this April’s INREV Annual Conference in Berlin, which takes geopolitics and technological change as its major themes. I hope to see as many of you as possible at the event – it promises to live up to its reputation for provocative ideas and wide-ranging debate.

I’d also like to encourage you to participate in the Annual General Meeting, being held before the conference on 3 April. As a member-driven organisation, this is an important opportunity for you to influence the direction that we are heading in and to hold us to account. Let us know what we’re getting right and where we could do better.

We’d also like your input to INREV’s new Technology and Innovation Committee, set for launch later in the year. Your ideas on topics for the committee’s agenda – those technological changes that you think are likely to have the biggest impacts on real estate, and the non-listed industry in particular – would be much appreciated. And if technology and innovation are special interests of your own, don’t hesitate to put your name forward to join the committee.

I hope you enjoy this edition of IQ.