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Edgar Orlovskis

Analyst Research and Analytics

IQ spoke to Edgar Orlovskis recently about his role as Analyst in the Research and Analytics team, and his enthusiasm for performance indices.

‘The main part of my job is running the production process for INREV’s suite of indices, of which there are now five regular index publications to look after,’ Edgar explains. ‘That means encouraging members to provide their data through to generating the final performance index numbers. I find the work very satisfying as I can apply my financial knowledge to this process. I’ve found that a solid understanding of the financial aspects of the data has been a real advantage.’

‘Having a full understanding of how all the data inputs fit together really helps me to explain their benefits, for example by using the Index Analysis Tool (see article in this IQ). I’d very much encourage members to get in touch if they want to explore the potential of the index data further.’

Edgar has been with INREV for just over a year now, having joined from AXA Real Assets in London. He was partly attracted to the Amsterdam post by a lifestyle that was less frenetic than London’s. ‘I’ve also come to appreciate INREV’s collaborative way of working,’ he says, ‘which means that my wider team is the INREV membership itself, especially the Performance Measurement Committee.’

I’d very much encourage members to get in touch if they want to explore the potential of the index data further.

Besides ensuring the smooth running of the INREV indices, Edgar has been working with the committee on some very exciting projects – the historic data project, a forthcoming new IRR index and the asset level index initiative, to name just a few. ‘The historic data project is progressing well,’ he explains. ‘It has huge potential to bring a level of transparency to the real estate sector that has never been seen before. The depth of analysis that will be possible is set to be a market game changer, and this is something that only the membership can help us achieve.’

‘But innovation doesn’t just mean launching new products’, Edgar says. ‘Innovation also comes in making advances to the day-to-day management of huge volumes of data, for both INREV and its members. This means we are making advances in the development of analytical tools that will give members information at their fingertips.’

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