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Jared Sammet

Professional Standards Associate

Jared Sammet spoke to IQ recently about his role as Professional Standards Associate and his work on Global Definitions and Guidelines Assessments

Jared Sammet, who is the newest member of the INREV team, joined in May in the position of Professional Standards Associate. He works closely with the INREV committees, manages the Global Definitions Database and is also the main point of contact for the online Assessment Tool, which allows members to measure, share and review their compliance with the INREV Guidelines.

Jared explains that ‘members can contact me for information about our Guidelines and best practice standards. A key aspect of my role is getting feedback from members on how INREV could improve its tools and Guidelines materials for the benefit of the investment community. It has been especially rewarding to contribute to INREV’s evolution in this new era of rapid digitalisation and growing focus on sustainability. With the help of our members and committees, we continue to develop strategies that keep INREV on the cutting edge as a focal stakeholder in these areas.’

With the help of our members and committees, we continue to develop strategies that keep INREV on the cutting edge.

‘My work on the Global Definitions Database is particularly satisfying,’ he continues, ‘because the goal of a standardised set of terms and definitions, not only across Europe but also North America and Asia, feeds into so many other areas of INREV’s activities and tools – for example the Due Diligence Questionnaire and the Standard Data Delivery Sheet (SDDS). We currently have a growing list of global terms defined in collaboration with ANREV and NCREIF, and this shared database is contributing to further accessibility for global investment in European non-listed real estate.’

As professional standards tie into the work of many INREV committees, Jared’s responsibilities also include running the Sustainability Committee and the Technology and Innovation Committee. ‘The Sustainability Committee is working to support INREV as the centre of expertise on sustainability in the industry,’ he says. ‘The committee is dedicated to exploring innovative strategies and tools, providing examples of best practice and analysing the impact of regulation. Meanwhile, working with the Technology Committee is exciting, as it’s a new initiative for the real estate industry, and increasingly important given how digital innovation is coming to play such a big role, especially in data exchange and analytics, which are key INREV concerns.’

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