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José Monsalve

Staff Profile

INREV’s Research and Analytics Analyst, José Monsalve, who joined INREV in October, spoke recently with IQ magazine about his role and some of the projects he’s been working on, and will be working on in the coming year.

As one of the newer members of the INREV team in Amsterdam, José is mainly responsible for building on the existing global surveys, expanding their coverage and applicability through increasing member engagement and awareness, to increase contribution to, and usage of, the rich source of data that INREV has amassed over the years. Furthermore, José will be working very closely  with the research committee on the various projects on the research agenda throughout the year.

Monsalve explains, ‘My role means that I am frequently engaging with members, encouraging more participation in the evergreen surveys and working closely with our partners ANREV in Asia Pacific and NCREIF and PREA in the US. This is ultimately to increase global market coverage and representation, but to also support members using the INREV data in their analysis of the global non- listed real estate industry, which I find very rewarding to be a part of.’

One of the main perceived obstacles to submitting data is the time it takes to complete the process, but this is something that will be significantly improved thanks to plans laid out in the IT Roadmap.

Besides engaging with members across Europe, José is particularly enthused about staying on top of the evolution of the market, which is closely linked to his role in working with the research committee and other members of the focus groups, as he adds: ‘One of the focus groups, which include members of the research, public affairs and tax committees, have started working on a paper on product and investor evolution trends which is due to be published in the Autumn of this year. Many changes have been observed in the market over the past fifteen years and this is one of the most prominent. Once published, the paper will delve into the driving forces behind this change and offer insights into how the market can react positively in adapting to the evolution, so watch this space.

José is enthused about staying on top of the evolution of the market, closely linked to his role in working with the research committee and focus groups.

With a background in Economics and having previously worked for INREV member Savills in Madrid, José took the big step of relocating to Amsterdam in October last year in order to take up the new role. ‘I was especially drawn to the role when I learned it would involve engaging with the INREV membership and the opportunity to contribute to the many products that INREV currently offers, as well as plans to offer even more.’

You can contact José to learn more about INREV’s research and market information activities.