Staff profile

Carien Nieters

eLearning and Development Associate

The eLearning and development associate role has been newly created in response to a growing need expressed by members for an eLearning programme and Carien, with a background in Education fits the bill perfectly to take the platform from its initial concept to fruition. 

IQ: Tell us about your role at INREV

Carien: I joined INREV at a point when eLearning was still very much a concept with a lot of bright ideas that just needed to be pulled together. We have selected a specialist vendor with a wealth of experience int he technical aspect of eLearning and just recently we launched the very first eLearning module, 'Introduction to INREV NAV' and recently, we have selected another vendor to help us in the further professionalisation of the offering and to bring in specialist educational experience. This first module is a sounding board and we’re very much open to feedback and comment from those who enroll so we can fine tune and perfect future modules - we want to make sure that eLearning serves its purpose.’

Initial feedback from members about the first eLearning module is really positive

As the industry globalises with no signs of slowing, the new eLearning platform will mean an even wider audience across all levels of seniority and experience will be able to access education and training at the click of a button, especially useful for those whose agenda’s are jam packed with little time for off-site training, or for those who may fall foul to budgetary constraints. eLearning makes staying up to date with the latest industry trends and know-how, curated and delivered by the experts, more accessible than ever before.

‘Of course, we still plan to deliver a leading classroom training programme, the idea is not to replace classroom training but rather to complement and enhance the classroom experience with eLearning’ explains Carien. ‘Some eLearning modules are designed as a pre-requisite to the classroom course, for example, the recently launched ‘Introduction to INREV NAV’ is not only for participants to brush up their knowledge, but actually for those who have signed up to the classroom training to ensure their knowledge is up to a required level achieved through taking 30 minutes to do the eLearning beforehand. That way, the classroom experience is a much more efficient use of time as all participants arrive with the same level of required knowledge.

'Initial feedback from members who have taken part in the first eLearning is really positive' tells Carien. 

IQ: So tell us about the future plans for eLearning

Carien: We’ll be rolling out the full 2020 eLearning schedule in the new year not only to increase the number of modules but to support INREV’s global outreach to our members beyond Europe offering the latest trends in learning, so you’ll just have to watch this space.