Turning the page to a new chapter

After 10 years of growth, INREV has turned the page and started a new chapter: on 19 February we moved to new offices in our home city of Amsterdam.

The new address and the new telephone numbers of all our staff are available on our website, and as always we encourage you to stay in touch. And please, if you are in the Amsterdam South area, we have several meeting rooms now, and we would be delighted if INREV members would drop by for a cup of coffee, a tour of the new offices and a chat.

When I signed off my welcome letter for the December 2015 edition of IQ, INREV was about to embark on our Investment Intentions Road Show, and this grand tour has now been completed.

Within a period of four weeks we held nine events and we were able to give three quarters of INREV members the opportunity to engage with INREV in their home country. Like the findings of the report itself, that engagement and the response has been very positive. In terms of events, next month will of course see the INREV Annual Conference, which this year is being held in Vienna on 20 and 21 April.

The theme this year is “Steering a Safe Course for the Future of Real Estate”, a very apt choice we feel in this period of increased volatility.

As well as the main conference, I would also like to point out that the day before, 19 April, sees the INREV Annual General Meeting, which is an excellent opportunity for members to stay informed about our activities over the past year, and our plans moving forward.

The INREV Management Board elections will be taking place that day, and we would welcome a high attendance at the AGM – it would be a pleasing sign of good engagement from our membership, and a sign that INREV practices the good governance that we espouse in our work. I look forward to seeing you there.