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Antonie Schuller

Member Relationship Manager

Antonie Schuller explains why he is the new go to person for INREV members.

Since joining INREV at the start of 2016, Antonie has been working in the completely new role of Member Relationship Manager.

While INREV focuses first and foremost on the needs and ambitions of the nonlisted real estate industry as a whole, Antonie’s position is geared to addressing the needs of each individual INREV member. This means making the right connections between the needs of each individual member and those of the whole industry.

‘I am the go to person for INREV members,’ Antonie explains. ‘I’m available to visit them whenever convenient and explain the value INREV membership brings for their entire organisation.

‘My main role is to broaden and deepen INREV’s relationship with each existing member, ensuring every level of their organisation is aware of the benefits, whatever their type of membership and individual role.’

I’m available to visit whenever convenient and explain the value INREV membership brings for their entire organisation.

‘Most of those members I’ve spoken to so far are very satisified with what INREV is doing,’ he says, ‘but my work should help us towards a better understanding of what they expect to get out of membership and propose changes if common themes start to appear.’

‘INREV offers a very wide range of services, but we understand that each member is unique,’ he continues. ‘We want to find out what each member needs and make sure that the benefits flow through to the individuals that can make best use of them. For example, a data analyst might benefit in their daily work from a tutorial explaining our data analysis tools, while a COO or CFO could be interested in joining a tax roundtable to discuss current issues with their peers.’

Antonie is excited to be learning something new every day. ‘It’s fascinating to see how INREV is helping build a better world for investors in non-listed real estate and for the industry as a whole, and to understand what this means for each of our members.’

He previously worked as EMEA Sales Director for TMF, the global outsourcing and corporate services group, where he came into contact with many INREVmember firms, though more from a financial structuring rather than an investment perspective.

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