Staff profile

Hedda Hollander

INREV’s Head of Events

Hedda Hollander, INREV’s Head of Events, is also one of its longest serving staff members. Since joining in 2005 she has overseen the development of an industry-leading events programme, including three major conferences: the INREV Annual Conference, the Young Professionals Conference, and the relatively new Autumn Conference.

Speaking to IQ Magazine recently, Hedda enthused about the great achievements of INREV in this area. ‘When I started with INREV, the role of events was mainly to support other activities, such as Research and Professional Standards. But now, Events is very much a department in its own right, reflecting the value it holds in the eyes of the members.’ 

These days, besides having overall responsibility for all INREV’s events activities, Hedda particularly focuses on the events strategy, as well as playing a key role putting together many of the conference programmes. ‘I have two colleagues, Rachel Chow and Miho Tanaka, who do most of the logistics side, which means I can spend a lot of time ensuring that the content of our events is first rate, with excellent speakers covering topics that are highly relevant for our members. Quality content is the main driver when we are putting together our events – we believe that great networking will then flow from that.’ 

'Quality content is the main driver when we are putting together our events – great networking will flow from that.’

INREV now holds more than 25 events each year, compared to just 6 when Hedda started out. ‘We aim to have something  for everyone, whatever a member’s level of seniority and wherever they work. So there are local events and also targeted events, many of which present and explain INREV’s research, standards and other activities. We particularly want our events to appeal to investors, which can often mean having investor-only meetings alongside the main events.’ 

What is Hedda most proud of achieving? ‘The fact that our Annual Conference has become the industry’s flagship event is probably number one,’ she says, ‘but each successful new event gives me great satisfaction. In 2017, the Autumn Conference attracted 170 middle-manager members in just its second year, while the North American Conference is elevating INREV’s presence in America and gaining a lot of interest from investors there. And day-to-day, I’m pleased that I’ve always been able to work with the members to make sure they get what they want from our events. It’s also a pleasure to be part of a great international team with bright, committed and fun colleagues.’  

Contact Hedda Hollander +31 (0)20 235 8602