Lonneke Löwik

I’m very pleased to be back at INREV after three-and-a-half years away. As some of you will know, I left INREV in 2014 to support a group of global infrastructure players setting up a new association. I then moved on to be Head of Operations at GRESB, the leading ESG data provider for real assets.

Taking on the CEO role at INREV is a fantastic opportunity. I’m glad to be here and to be working with all of you again, together with the whole INREV team. My recent experiences have taught me many lessons that will be relevant for INREV going forward.

In Europe, political episodes such as Brexit and electoral swings to populist political parties may lead some to question the growing trend toward globalisation in the world of investment. If the world fragments politically, this may indeed add complexity in areas such as regulation and taxation, which are already proving a challenge for the non-listed real estate sector.

But I believe that makes it even more important for INREV to continue championing the interests of investors in non-listed vehicles – not just in funds but also in other forms of private real estate including joint ventures, club deals and segregated structures – as the investment landscape changes and evolves.

In April we will gather in Dublin to celebrate INREV’s 15th anniversary and all the milestones that we have achieved to date. In today’s changing environment, it is also the ideal moment to look at where we stand and where we should be heading. We will be doing this via a major consultation entitled INREV Vision. You can read more about this initiative on pages 8-9.

I’m pleased to have already caught up with so many of you in the past three months, for example at one of the Investment Intentions Roadshows or our Cannes event. I hope to see even more of you in Dublin, not just at the Annual Conference but also at the AGM. I’m very much looking forward to working with you all, and with our great team in Amsterdam, on the next chapter of INREV’s story. 

Lonneke Löwik, INREV CEO