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ESG Committee


The aim of the committee is to establish a unified view of ESG, increasing understanding of all three aspects, environmental, social and governance, and to promote robust standards of corporate governance that integrate all these aspects for non-listed real estate vehicles. This will help the industry more effectively integrate ESG factors into the real estate investment decision-making process. 

Key objectives

  • Emphasise importance of environmental measures, sustainability goals and performance, at both a vehicle and asset level.
  • Provide best practice on the structure, policies and regulations that impact investments  
  • Increase understanding and awareness of corporate governance and social aspects that impact the industry 
  • Implement and promote common and workable standards of corporate governance for non-listed real estate vehicles 

Committee members

Name Company Country
Abigail Dean (Chair) Nuveen Real Estate United Kingdom
Aleksandra Njagulj (Vice-Chair) DWS United Kingdom
Andrea van Buren Mn Services Vermogensbeheer The Netherlands
Cristina Garcia-Peri Azora Capital S.L. Spain
Fabio Cristanziani Generali Real Estate Italy
Justin Travlos AXA IM Alts United Kingdom
Maggie Loo Bridges Fund Management United Kingdom
Mark Wojcichowsky Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMco) Canada
Marleen Bikker-Bekkers Patrizia Global Partners A/S Denmark
Michael Siefert Madison International Realty LLC Germany
Nehla Krir BNP Paribas REIM France
Nick Brown   United Kingdom
Peter Epping Hines  United Kingdom


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