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Welcome to the Performance Measurement Assessment

Performance Measurement

What's included in this section

  1. Disclosure requirements
  2. Calculation principles
  3. Time Weighted returns
  4. Calculation of Vehicle Level Performance Measures
  5. Calculation of Asset Level Performance Measures

This Self-Assessment questionnaire allows to assess the level of compliance with the INREV Performance Measurement Guidelines which is established to provide support to managers when computing and reporting historic performance measures of a vehicle. 

INREV Performance Measurement Guidleines includes detailed computation formulae as well as examples to facilitate implementation. These guidelines have primarily been designed for direct property vehicles.

The guidelines aim to increase consistency in the reporting of performance to investors. The standardisation will also improve the relevance of indices, such as the INREV Index, which are potentially used as points of reference. Comparing the performance of a vehicle can add additional insight into a vehicle’s performance. The point of reference should contain vehicles with similar investment mandates, objectives or strategies.