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Research and Market Information Briefings

During INREV’s Research and Analytics Briefings, a member of the Research and Market Information team will present the key findings of the latest publications and will be joined by an expert panel bringing deeper insights and views. 

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How to guide: Asset Level Index  

Published on 20 Sep 2022

In the September Research and Market Information Briefing, Jeanne Besner and Connor van Leeuwen presented the latest results on the Asset Level Index Q2 2022 publication, demonstrated the usability of the index from the user perspective and highlighted the plans for the index moving forward.

Market Insights Q1 2022 Briefing  

Published on 06 Jul 2022

Irène Fossé, Director Research & Strategy at AEW and Simone Roberti, Head of Research Italy at Colliers joined Richard Buytendijk and Jose Monsalve from INREV to explain and comment the results of the Q1 2022 ODCE index and the latest Market Insights Q2 2022, providing valuable information about the current market conditions and expectations for the real estate industry

Asset Level ESG Data Collection Briefing  

Published on 25 May 2022

Playback the Asset Level ESG data collection briefing where INREV discussed the preliminary results of the INREV Asset Level ESG data collection and how INREV can best tailor its proposition for the industry when it comes to the analysis and key outputs of ESG KPIs.

INREV recognises its role to drive industry level transparency on the topic of ESG performance data and we are interested in hearing your ideas about our newest initiative and proposition and how we can position the ESG related analysis to add value to the already existing internal and external frameworks and tools.

Debt Vehicles Universe 2021 Briefing  

Published on 05 Nov 2021

Apwinder Foster, Head of Product Strategy at DRC Savills Investment Management, Justin Curlow, Global Head of Research & Strategy, Real Assets at AXA Real Estate Investment Managers SA and Oscar Fusco, Research and Analytics Manager at INREV discuss key highlights of the Debt Vehicles Universe 2021.

Market Insights Q2 2021 Briefing  

Published on 08 Oct 2021

Nicoletta De Bona Bottegal, Lead Portfolio Manager & Team Lead Real Estate at DWS Alternatives and Karen Martinus, Global Research Associate, USAA  and member of the Research Committee joined  Richard Buytendijk and Connor van Leeuwen from INREV to discuss the latest Market Insights Q2 2021 results, providing insights into the dynamics and business oriented implications for the real estate industry.

Funds Termination Study 2021 Briefing  

Published on 03 Sep 2021

Richard Buytendijk (Senior Research and Analytics Manager, INREV) together with Joao Carlos Lelis (Director Fund Management, Sonae Sierra) and Mike Hasselgren (Lead for Financial Reporting and Analytics, NREP) explore the key highlights of the latest publication of the Funds Termination Study 2021. 

INREV Fund Index Q1 2021 Results Briefing  

Published on 04 Jun 2021

Sam Giet, Vice President, Portfolio Management, BlackRock and Edgar Orlovskis, Research and Analytics Manager, INREV share highlights from the latest Q1 2021 INREV Fund Index results, giving insights into fund level performance and to what extent the upturn in sentiment reported at the end of 2020 has continued into Q1 2021. 

Capital Raising Survey 2021 Briefing  

Published on 07 May 2021

Vanessa Muscarà, Head of Research & Strategy at Europa Capital, Charles Conrath, Head of Strategy & Analytics at QuadReal Property Group and Connor van Leeuwen, Research and Analytics Analyst at INREV discuss the recent capital raising trends into non-listed real estate vehicles by region, investment strategy, style and structure.

Global IRR Index Briefing with ANREV and NCREIF  

Published on 04 May 2020

ANREV, INREV, and NCREIF hosted a joint briefing to inform their members of the launch of the new Global IRR Report. This initiative represents the logical integration of the three member-driven non-profit organisations to meet the data collection and, increasingly global, information needs of our members; and to serve as the basis for further collaboration in the future.

European Real Estate Performance in 2019 Briefing  

Published on 09 Mar 2020

Oscar Fusco, Research and Analytics Analyst at INREV joined by Kim Politzer, Director of Research, European Real Estate at Fidelity International, and Robert Wagenaar, Manager International Finance at Bouwinvest, discuss the recent performance and trends of the INREV Fund index, INREV ODCE Index and INREV Asset Level Index. 

Coming of Age: non-listed real estate industry 2019 Briefing  

Published on 06 Dec 2019

Brenna O'Roarty, Executive Director at RHL Strategic Solutions and Maarten Jennen, Senior Director - Strategist Private Real Estate at PGGM, discuss the The Coming of Age: the rebirth and renewal of the non-listed real estate industry 2019 paper. 

Note: due to technical difficulties full recording is not available. 

Capital Raising Survey 2019 Briefing  

Published on 07 May 2019

Jose Monsalve, Research and Analytics Analyst at INREV joined by Jarek Morawski, Executive Director of Research & Strategy at Grosvenor Europe and Olafur Margeirsson Real Estate Strategist at Zurich Insurance, discuss the recent capital raising trends into non-listed real estate vehicles by region, investment strategy and style and structure, and what’s in store for 2019.

INREV Quarterly Index Q4 2018 Briefing  

Published on 07 Mar 2019

Edgar Orlovskis, Research and Analytics Associate at INREV, Katie Smith, Head of Analytics for EMEA at CBRE Global Investors, and Casper Hesp, Head of Portfolio Management and Separate Accounts at Syntrus Achmea Real Estate and Finance, discuss the recent performance trends of European non-listed real estate funds, and what’s in store for 2019.

Investment Intentions Survey 2019 Briefing  

Published on 07 Feb 2019

Henri Vuong, Director of Research & Market Information at INREV joined by Iryna Pylypchuk, Senior Market Analyst at FIL Investments International and Maurizio Grilli, Head of Investment Management Analysis and Strategy at BNP Paribas REIM, discussed the aspirations for investment into the real estate sector over the next two years, with a focus on non-listed real estate.

Open End Fund Pricing 2020 Briefing  

Published on 19 Jun 2020

Constantin Sorlescu, INREV, John Ravoisin, PwC, Nick Brown, M&G Real Estate, Robert White, EY and John Forbes, John Forbes Consulting, discussed the recently launched Open End Fund Pricing consultation paper, including a highly relevant section in today’s uncertain times related to pricing policy during exceptional market circumstances.

Total Global Expense Ratio (TGER) 2020 Briefing  

Published on 09 Apr 2020

Constantin Sorlescu, Director of Professional Standards at INREV joined by Renaud Breyer, Partner at EY Luxembourg, and Andrew Muscat, COO/CFO at LaSalle Global Partner Solutions, shows you how to calculate TGER, including treatment and allocation of its main components, and how to make the transition from TER to TGER to ensure compliance with the INREV Guidelines.

Liquidity and Pricing in Current Market Circumstances 2020 Briefing  

Published on 02 Apr 2020

During the briefing, Constantin Sorlescu, INREV together with Thomas Kallenbrunnen, PGIM Real Estate, Nick Brown, M&G Real Estate, John Ravoisin, PwC and Robert White, EY discuss:

  • Liquidity requirements and secondary markets
  • Terms and rights of redemptions
  • Transparency and disclosures regarding pricing policy

Reporting During Exceptional Circumstances 2020 Briefing  

Published on 31 Mar 2020

Constantin Sorlescu, INREV will be joined by John Ravoisin, PwC and Renaud Breyer, EY provide guidance and considerations that may be appropriate for investment managers when reporting to investors in these uncertain times. Also read a short paper filled with reporting considerations related to COVID-19 and which are based on the INREV Guidelines.

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