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INREV is the European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles. We are Europe's leading platform for sharing knowledge on the non-listed (unlisted) real estate industry. Our goal is to improve transparency, professionalism and best practice across the sector, making the asset class more accessible and attractive to investors.

What we offer

As a member-driven association, we are the go-to resource for the non-listed real estate investment industry. Our services include providing research and market information to members, defining and developing professional standards, sharing knowledge, and engaging in public affairs.

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The platform for inspiration and innovation within the industry

Our members include around 120 of the largest institutional investors, as well as 40 of the 50 largest real estate fund managers. By joining us, you can expect:

  • Industry-leading conferences, events and training programmes both online and on location
  • A collaborative knowledge-sharing environment that improves understanding of the non-listed real estate industry
  • Effective dialogue with policymakers and regulators on our members’ behalf to ensure fair treatment of non-listed real estate in any regulation
  • Alignment with other leading industry bodies globally, such as ANREV, PREA, and NCREIF
  • Access to a pool of industry experts to learn from and engage with

The leading independent source of market intelligence and industry insight

In order to make good investment decisions, you need good data. As a member, you’ll benefit from our:

  • In-depth knowledge of the real estate investment industry – we gather information from primary sources and never use second-hand material
  • Research programme – we’re known in the industry for the quality and rigour of our research, analysis, data outputs and insight
  • Bespoke tools for data gathering and analysis for real world application

The pioneer of professional standards across the industry

A transparent, competitive, efficient and sustainable global industry is what we’re all striving for. At INREV, we contribute to this by:

  • Setting the standard for corporate governance, sustainability, accounting and reporting
  • Creating and promoting the highest possible professional standards across the industry
  • Hosting training and events programmes to encourage continuous professional development
  • Developing specific tools, information and resources to help our members deliver stable long-term returns and manage change effectively

Representing the industry



Our top priority is to serve the interests of our members and the industry in general. We do this through establishing a number of committees and working groups, made up of members selected for their skills and experience.

Current committees are dedicated to Due Diligence, ESG,  Performance Measurement, Public Affairs, Reporting, Research, Tax, Technology, Training & Education and Young Professionals.

Advisory Councils

INREV has two advisory councils. The Investor Advisory Council advises the CEO on current issues affecting the industry in Europe, introduces new ideas to INREV, and profiles new initiatives that will benefit all members.

The Fund Manager Advisory Council acts as a sounding board to the CEO, provides investment/fund manager input on future initiatives, and increases participation by investment managers in INREV's activities.

Management Board

INREV's management board guides the association’s strategy. The management board meets regularly to discuss and address industry developments. Many management board members also participate in INREV’s committees and working groups.

Diversity and Inclusion

At our core, INREV stands tall for inclusivity, taking pride in the oasis of diversity that we have cultured within our organisation. We stand for tolerance and equality for all and we are steadfast in our belief that our industry has no place for racism, discrimination or inequality of any kind. As an industry we need to do more. 


Key Milestones


INREV officially launches with an event in Wiesbaden, thanks to co-founders Pieter Hendrikse and Willem de Geus, and founding Chairman Michiel Olland.


INREV launches its Vehicles Database – today it has information on around 400 vehicles.


INREV Index is officially launched at the company’s first Annual Conference.


INREV’s professional standards make progress with the launch of the Corporate Governance, Reporting, and Due Diligence Guidelines.


Integrated INREV Guidelines are launched, and the association starts a full training programme.


INREV reaches a new audience in Asia through its cooperation with ANREV.


INREV steps up its role in public affairs, while the INREV Index goes quarterly.


Training goes online with a webinar programme, and Sustainability Reporting Guidelines are developed.


INREV opens an office in Brussels, and initiates global index with ANREV and NCREIF.


The remit of non-listed products is expanded beyond funds to include joint ventures, club deals and separate accounts.


Revised INREV Guidelines are launched after 18 months of consultations, and the Global Index is released.


A Performance Measurement Module is added to INREV Guidelines, and an MoU is signed between INREV, NCREIF and PREA to create global guidelines.


INREV launches Guideline Assessments, German Vehicles Index, Investor Vehicles Analysis Tool, Global Investor Index and INREV/Henley Certificate.


SDDS updated, New course on Sustainability, Global Definitions Database unveiled, Asset Level Index gets go ahead, Brexit Focus Group and Technology and Innovation Committee formed.


IRR Index launched, Quarterly Index extends back to Q2 2000, DDQ streamlined


Asset Level Index and European ODCE Funds Index 


Total Global Expense Ratio, Global IRR Index launched, Global alliance signed by INREV, ANREV, NCREIF, Young Professionals Committee formed, Tax code of Conduct added as ninth module to the INREV Guidelines


Review of INREV Guidelines begin

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