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German non-listed real estate posts highest performance in a decade

INREV’s German Vehicles Annual Index 2018 recorded a ten-year high for non-listed real estate performance in Germany, with total returns of 4.29% over 2017, up from 2.68% the previous year. The results were largely due to a very strong performance in the first half of the year, driven especially by income returns of 4.34% over the year, which were the highest on record and significantly ahead of capital growth at 0.01%.

INREV to launch internal rate of return performance measurement index

11 April 2018, Dublin – INREV is to introduce a new Internal Rate of return (IRR) Index that will enable investors in European non-listed real estate to better compare their real estate investments with those they have in other asset classes. It is a significant development that will help to align the real estate investment industry more closely with other asset classes, such as private equity. The index will measure performance based on cash-on-cash returns as opposed to the value-to-value...

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INREV appoints two new members to the Management Board

12 April 2018, Dublin – INREV has announced the appointment of two new members to its Management Board, following their approval at the Annual General Meeting in Dublin. Catriona Allen, Senior Fund Manager in the Global Indirect Real Estate (GIRE) team at Aviva Investors; and James Raynor, CEO of Grosvenor Europe, were both nominated by fellow INREV members and assume their new roles with immediate effect. From her current role at Aviva Investors, Allen brings a wealth of experience of...

Capital raised for real estate investment increases by 25%

12 April 2018, Dublin - The 2018 Capital Raising Survey, published today by INREV, ANREV and NCREIF, reveals that 2017 saw a remarkable total of €152.3 billion in new capital raised globally by real estate investment managers – a 25.0% increase on 2016. The results show clear investor confidence in the asset class, with equity being raised for 895 vehicles, up from 733 the previous year; and gains across all regions. Vehicles with a European strategy again led the way,...

Introducing the first global expense ratio

21 March 2018, Amsterdam – INREV, ANREV, NCREIF and PREA are pleased to jointly release for industry consultation the first globally comparable measure of fees and costs named Total Global Expense Ratio (TGER). The new proposed global standard measures the fees and costs related to participation in a real estate investment vehicle and enables comparison across products, regardless of the vehicle domicile, structure and management activities. Barbara Flusk, Citco Fund Services, Co-chair Global Fee and Expense Metrics task force: “TGER...

Investors set to increase allocations to real estate in 2018

16 January 2018, London – Fifty six percent of global investors plan to increase their exposure to real estate over the next 24 months, targeting an average 10.2% of total capital allocation. This would amount to a minimum commitment of just over €51 billion this year. Data from the global Investment Intentions Survey 2018, published today by INREV, ANREV and PREA, suggest continued positive sentiment toward real estate in general, and non-listed real estate in particular. The survey reinforces a continuing favourable upward trend. Regionally, investors from Europe are expected to make the most significant allocations to real estate, accounting for 57.7% of total investment capital in 2018. North American investors will likely commit 25.2%, while those from Asia Pacific are forecasting 17.1%. Europe is also the regional destination of choice likely to attract an anticipated 41.2% of allocated capital, followed by the Americas (35.2%) and Asia Pacific (17.4%). However, given that more than half of this allocation will come from Europe the region could see a net outflow, while the Americas could see a net inflow, of capital.