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Measure your vehicle against industry best practice and determine its level of compliance with the INREV Guidelines. The assessments enable the comparison of a vehicle’s level of governance against industry norms and highlight areas for improvement. By filling in the assessments, managers can measure the strength of their vehicle structures and governance regimes by quantifying their level of compliance with the INREV Guidelines.

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The 8 assessments can be accessed via the Vehicle Dashboard, where members can track progress and assign permissions for filling in assessments, and view results per assessment or for a full vehicle.
1. Create a vehicle
2. Select an assessment and fill in answers online
3. View results


Corporate Governance

A practical way to measure the strength of a vehicle’s governance regime by quantifying its level of compliance with the INREV Corporate Governance Guidelines, throughout your vehicle's life cycle.


A checklist that summarises the disclosure requirements for annual and interim reporting that need to be fulfilled to state compliance with the Reporting module.

Sustainability Reporting

A necessary prerequisite to claim full compliance with the Reporting module, including separately scored mandatory sustainability reporting requirements and best practice guidelines.

Property Valuation

Increase comparability of valuation across countries, including fund documentation, appointment of an external valuer, process of valuations and valuation reporting.


Disclose liquidity rights, including fund documentation and reporting, issues of vehicle equity, vehicle life extensions and winding up, redemptions and secondary market transfers.


Reflect a more accurate economic value of investments, including INREV NAV calculation, disclosure and fund documentation to evaluate a vehicle's level of compliance with the INREV NAV module.

Fee and Expense Metrics

Clarify the calculation and disclosure of the INREV fee and expense metrics: The Total Global Expense Ratio (“TGER”) and the Real Estate Expense Ratio (“REER”), and also includes the framework and disclosure requirements.
P.S. There are two assessments - one referencing TER and a second referencing TGER. 

Code of Tax Conduct

A checklist of tax-related best practices designed to be applied across the lifecycle of a real estate investment vehicle.

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