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INREV Young Professionals Mentorship Programme

In 2022, we initiated a year-long Young Professionals Mentorship Programme, pairing young professionals with seasoned industry experts for regular meetings to gain valuable skills and insights.

The program has been a resounding success and has become a critical component of the INREV Academy. The 2023 edition is currently underway, marking the Programme's second year.

This year, we selected 78 young professionals to participate in the second edition of the Mentorship Programme. These individuals will benefit from mentorship and guidance to acquire valuable new skills, gain specialised knowledge, and broaden their professional networks within the non-listed real estate industry.

For mentees

Upgrade your skills and network

Applications for the third edition of the mentorship programme (2024 – 2025) will open in early 2024. This will be your chance to receive personalised advice and upgrade your skills. To apply for our Mentorship Programme, you must be an INREV Young Professional (35 years and younger) with three to five years of non-listed real estate work experience. Successful mentees will be chosen based on their motivation and application form responses.

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For mentors

Share your wealth of expertise

To make our programme a continued success, we are also looking for mentors. As a seasoned industry player, your invaluable expertise and real-world knowledge can help mentees learn and succeed. If selected, you will need to contribute your time, experience and industry advice with a small group of three mentees throughout the year. Mentors will be chosen based on their motivation and application form responses.

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2023-2024 Programme Overview

The current Mentorship Programme will run from June 2023 to June 2024. The introductory session kicked off at the INREV Young Professionals Conference in Berlin on Tuesday 20 June, with all mentees and mentors in attendance. Applications for the third edition of the mentorship programme (2024 – 2025) will open in early 2024.

Throughout the year, mentees and mentors will meet six times in a small group setting for up to one-and-a-half hours. The small group size ensures that everyone has a chance to ask questions, share experiences and participate. INREV provides all participants with guidance, including our recommended meeting structure, and tips and tricks to make the most out of the programme. Each mentee has the opportunity to attend a valuable one-on-one session with their mentor.

In addition, INREV hosts evaluations throughout the year to measure the programme’s success, gain insights to maximise value and stay updated on the groups’ progress.

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‘Being a mentor is a super experience. It also gives us the opportunity to learn new things, which we can apply in our day-to-day activities.’

‘I’m very pleased and impressed with the mentees I’ve been matched with. As a team, we connect well, and they also reach out to me individually for mentorship. We discuss many relevant topics during our group sessions as well as in our one-to-one meetings.’


‘What a fantastic opportunity! I’ve also made some close friends in my industry, who I connect with at INREV Young Professional events. My mentor is always keen to help me, and I found our one-on-one session incredibly insightful.’

‘Our mentor is such an active listener and motivator. She really helps us see things in a new light and motivates us to be our best selves. We all feel very safe to participate in our sessions and she encourages us to be open and transparent, which I really value.’

‘Without a doubt, the INREV Mentorship Programme has been the most valuable professional networking experience I’ve had in my career so far’.

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