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SFDR – Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

The EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance aims to redirect capital towards sustainable investment to drive the transition to a low carbon, resource-efficient and just economy and society. The action plan includes the introduction of several overlapping regulatory and policy initiatives developed in recent years that impact non-listed real estate.

The overriding aim is to increase transparency and introduce common standards, thereby impeding greenwashing. The ambition is to provide investors and advisors with the substantive information required to make effective allocations that support the growth of a more sustainable economy, society and environment. The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) is one of the most significant of these initiatives. 

This page brings all our SFDR resources, guidance and insights together in one place.

INREV files response to Commission’s SFDR consultation

On 6 December, INREV filed a comprehensive response to the European Commission’s SFDR consultation, urging them to adopt a labelling regime that would better support transition strategies and the sustainability efforts of the real estate asset class.

This industry-aligned response comes days after the FCA published details of the UK’s SDR regulation, which includes the welcome addition of a ‘sustainability improver’ label to accommodate transition funds.

INREV will continue to keep members informed and maintain constructive dialogue with regulators, to scrutinise, clarify and help shape important regulatory initiatives such as SFDR.


Falling through the cracks: SFDR’s impact on real estate investment

A research paper exploring the implications of SFDR for the non-listed real estate investment industry sheds light on the challenges of complying with SFDR and how it may distort investment needed for real carbon reduction.






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INREV Guidelines

The sustainability module and the sustainability reporting guidelines under the reporting module identify common areas which overlap with regulatory requirements and provide references to the SFDR but does not go as far as providing a comprehensive disclosure framework to comply with the relevant regulations.

The INREV DDQ includes questions related to ESG regulations but does not go as far as providing a comprehensive disclosure framework to comply with the relevant regulations.

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